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The Easiest Migration to SAP on AWS

In 16 years we've been leading SAP OS/DB Migrations globally, whether heterogeneous or homogeneous migrations, they are normally time-consuming and risky.  Today, we'll mention one type of migration that is relatively simple and that is VMWare migration to SAP on AWS.  Check out our recent post for reasons customers would run SAP on AWS. UPDATE Dec 2017: We tested an even easier and more universal migration solution SAP VMWare Migration to AWS There are several use cases for the migration of SAP on VMWare virtual machines to AWS: Moving SAP ...

Jul 27 | Linh Nguyen

SAP Performance Testing as a Service

  Products, People, Processes: The 3 P’s of SAP Performance Testing In March 2016, we published a blog article SAP Performance Testing is Part Art ...

Jul 13 | Linh Nguyen

What I Learned Completing 3 SAP HANA Certification Exams in 10 Days

It's been 4 weeks since I last published a blog, and I wanted to assure you I have not been slacking off.  Although, understandably summer is here ...

Jul 7 | Linh Nguyen