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Edition 1 - February 23, 2017

This month's blog highlights with how-to's and best practices, 
IT-Conductor news, Partner Focus and our commitments to the SAP ecosystem, and related industry news, served right to your inbox.


From the Founders

The IT-Conductor platform has grown in traction globally with SAP customers who are looking for elegant yet cost-effective ways to monitor and manage their growing SAP ecosystems.  We've seen customers of all sizes and shapes, from small-medium to large fortune 1000 companies, including SAP managed service providers, and SAP Basis consultants.  They have SAP Basis and Operations teams varying from a couple people to a dozen, who can leverage our technology to enhance their SAP operations, whether through free or paid subscriptions.  It is truly an exciting time whereby customers are adopting cloud technology to help them with everything from infrastructure to business services.  At IT-Conductor, we are committed to providing customers a next-generation APMaaS (Application Performance Management as a Service) platform to help them innovate their own processes and stay competitive in a fast-changing world of enterprise computing.  


It is our desire to establish regular cadence of communications with the SAP technologist community.  This is our first edition of the newsletter, which will become a monthly or at the least quarterly publication.  We invite your feedback and suggestions and hope this newsletter provides a brief but relevant update to your various endeavors.  Thank you for your continued support and community membership!


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Blog Post Highlights

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What's New with IT-Conductor

  • SID-Refresh v1.1: The much awaited Java version of the Post-Copy Automation (PCA) tool, supporting both Windows and Linux/Unix platforms for all SAP supporting databases is now available via service subscription.  If interested, please Submit an Inquiry
  • SAP J2EE and SAP Host Agents Monitoring: Agentless and effortlessly monitor your complex SAP Java stack / NW Java AS and SAP Host Agents/Diagnostics Agents, which can be added via the simple wizards
  • Distribution Lists for Notifications: When subscribing to notifications, Distribution Lists are a convenient way for notifying people in your organization who do not need/allowed to have IT-Conductor account.  These can be created in the Administration dashboard or via Management --> Distribution List menu.

Performance KPI

  • Saving Custom Service Charts (KPI's): Want a list of your custom KPI's for any service/s being monitored (e.g. BW on HANA KPI's)?  Now you can have all your favorite charts on the same time frame in one view, time-synchronized with clickable drill-down or popups where appropriate.




Partners Focus

  • AWS: IT-Conductor stepped up our commitment to AWS cloud technology partnership by scaling up our investment running on AWS platform for increased security and agility
  • OZSOFT: continues to offer joint services with IT-Conductor for SAP Basis trusted-advisor solutions for SAP OS/DB migrations, SAP deployment on-premise and in-cloud, SAP threat protection assessment, SAP performance management as a service, and Remote Basis support
  • SAP: IT-Conductor continues to invest further in R&D and integration with newer SAP technology such as SAP PO (Process Orchestrator), HANA advanced deployment such as HA/DR/DT and HANA 2
  • SUSE: is making the rounds with SUSE Expert Days coming to a city near you, and with these technology updates, IT-Conductor is committing to increased services and integration between our platforms to benefit SAP customers in areas such as Deployment, Operations, Cloud, and Automation.  Talk to our SAP on SUSE experts today!
  • OCEAN9: New partnership announced in January 2017 and jointly launched webinar how our technology provides Premium SAP performance when usage spikes!



Why IT-Conductor? ROI - Three Arrows Hit in Red Target on a Hanging Sack on Natural Bokeh Background..jpeg

The IT-Conductor platform is a relatively new entry in the world of APM platforms, but it has uniquely new approach. It’s not always easy to switch platforms, and if you’re considering IT-Conductor, what makes a migration worth it? What makes IT-Conductor SAP Monitoring better than SAP Solution Manager and a variety of other third-party tools? IT-Conductor's agentless cloud technology and automation offers the ability to expedite deployment, configure application monitoring from best-practices templates, and customize IT process automation, all in the same platform. Here are the biggest reasons why we believe IT-Conductor is the better choice!


 Performance Charts

Application Performance Management (APM) News


Cisco Pays $3.7 Billion for APM Technology AppDynamics: In a last minute acquisition right before AppDynamics scheduled IPO, it was bought out so that Cisco can enhance its ability in the application performance monitoring area.  AppDynamics was founded in 2008 and monitors websites and mobile apps, but lacks deep enterprise application focus such as SAP.  Nevertheless, this deal highlights the momentum in the APM space, particularly with SaaS solutions.



What is IT-Conductor?

We Are a SaaS Automation platform for SAP Monitoring, Performance Management & IT Operations

 We help customers monitor and manage SAP by:


Automate Root-cause Analysis & making sense of Application Diagnostics

Pinpoint Problems with Performance & Availability

Proactive Performance Management


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