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Feb 1, 2017 "Oprah Effect": Blessing or Curse? - Premium SAP performance when usage spikes! View recording
June 7, 2016 Mastering SAP Monitoring: Session 7 - SAP HANA Monitoring, Management & Automation View recording and downloads
June 1, 2016 Mastering SAP Monitoring: Session 6 - SAP SLT & RFC Connection Monitoring View recording and downloads
May 25, 2016 Mastering SAP Monitoring: Session 5 - BusinessObjects (BOBJ) Monitoring View recording and downloads
May 18, 2016 Mastering SAP Monitoring: Session 4 - Batch Processing Service and SAP Job Monitoring View recording and downloads
May 11, 2016 Mastering SAP Monitoring: Session 3 - Workload Monitoring View recording and downloads
May 4, 2016 Mastering SAP Monitoring: Session 2 - Determining the Health of your SAP Environment View recording and downloads
April 27, 2016 Mastering SAP Monitoring: Session 1 - SAP Basis Checklist is Old School View recording and downloads
October 27, 2015 IT-Conductor 2nd finalist in SAP's "Art of the Start 2.0 Pitch Challenge with Guy Kawasaki", The 4 P's of Automation  
July 22, 2015 Online Workshop - Monitoring SAP & HANA Availability & Performance  


May 17, 2017 IT-Conductor officially released new version of SAP Basis Automation tool SID-Refresh v1.2 supporting Post-Copy table cleanup
May 10, 2017 IT-Conductor officially released support for SAP XI/PI/PO Monitoring
Mar 29, 2017
IT-Conductor officially released new SAP Basis Automation tool SID-Refresh v1.1 for SAP ABAP PCA (Post-Copy Automation)
Jan 4, 2017
IT-Conductor adds support for SAP HostAgent & Diagnostic Agent Monitoring
Nov 21, 2016
IT-Conductor adds support for SAP JAVA Stack / Netweaver Java AS Monitoring
Oct 7, 2016
IT-Conductor adds support for SAP Managed Services Provider (MSP) using Multi-site/end-customer support within a single MSP account
May 2, 2016
IT-Conductor adds support for SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform monitoring
January 29, 2016
IT-Conductor adds support for Oracle monitoring
November 11, 2015 SAP on AWS Services announced for deployment, migration, and life cycle management
August 12, 2015 IT-Conductor releases SAP Basis Automation tool SID-Refresh for FREE
April 20, 2015 IT-Conductor is now available on SAP HANA App Center 
April 10, 2015 IT-Conductor is nominated for the 2015 HANA Innovation Award as a startup that enables enterprises to Automate, Monitor, Manage, and Optimize SAP application and services from a SaaS solution
March 10, 2015 IT-Conductor is now available on AWS Marketplace
November 24, 2014 IT-Conductor is on SAP HANA Start-Up Focus blog: IT-Conductor Startup Stories
November 5, 2014 IT-Conductor is featured on SAP HANA Start-Up Focus website: IT-Conductor changes the game for System Administrators
August 25, 2014 IT-Conductor® enables Automated Load Testing/Synthetic Monitoring through tight integration with a leading Performance Testing tool for Web and SAPGUI
June 16, 2014 IT-Conductor® introduces Cloud-based HANA Monitoring & Automation. Available Now! Sign Up
May 30, 2014 Meet IT-Conductor at SAPPHIRE in Orlando June 3-5 and see what our innovative startup Cloud-based SAP monitoring solution on HANA Can do for your enterprise
April 7, 2014 IT-Conductor® introduces "Troubleshooting Contexts" - a time-synchronized performance view of relevant Service components for quicker Root Cause Analysis
March 3, 2014 IT-Conductor® releases simplified "Recovery Actions" - threshold-triggered, template-based remediation procedures
March 1, 2013 IT-Conductor® cloud-based SAP Monitoring Public Beta is open for registration Sign Up
April 10, 2012 IT-Conductor® announces multi-tenant, cloud-based "IT Management as a Service"
May 1, 2011 IT-Conductor® further improves SAP Service Level Management
Increasing the granularity of SAP Transaction Statistics collection and breaking them down at the Task Type level allows for more precise measurements for the targeted service level "buckets"
April 15, 2011 IT-Conductor® adds support for Citrix Presentation Server monitoring
Taking advantage of Windows Remote Management the implementation of Citrix monitoring allows for ICA Session Latency monitoring and reporting.
The implementation leverages IT-Conductor`s Service Level Management and seamlessly integrates into Composite Service Monitoring
April 1, 2011 IT-Conductor® connector for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is now available.
The SCOM Connector enables IT Organizations that have already implemented SCOM to take advantage of IT-Conductor`s SLM and Automation functionality without duplicating the implementation efforts for Windows environment monitoring
February 1, 2011 IT-Conductor® now supports IPMI over LAN
The new IPMI adapter allows for remote shutdown and startup of IPMI 2.0 compliant machines, taking advantage of IT-Conductor rich process automation functionality
August 16, 2010 IT-Conductor® now supports Composite Service Monitoring
The new facility enables quick assembly of service hierarchies from the existing performance metrics, availability and SLA monitors as well as other services. Full support for interactive drill-down root cause analysis, policy based notification and reporting
April 29, 2010 IT-Conductor® adds support for Hosted IT Management
The new IT-Conductor Agent can be deployed at the customer sites, communicating with hosted IT-Conductor environment, requiring minimal configuration and maintenance while providing full IT-Conductor functionality.
The Agent communicates with hosted IT-Conductor utilizing firewall-friendly WS-Management protocol
January 15, 2010® IT-Conductor® adds support for VMware
The new VMware adapter extends IT-Conductors monitoring, management, reporting and automation capabilities to VMware ESX/ESXi/Server.
Now you can gain the advantages of IT-Conductor Management architecture without investing into vSphere or other expensive infrastructure components from VMware 

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