Signup for a Complimentary* SAP System Health Check valued over $2,000 USD

SAP System Health Check powered by IT-Conductor

*SAP System Health Check: Top-down Basis analysis and report of your systems health including any best practices actionable recommendations

The 3 steps to a successful SAP system health check includes:

  1. IT-Conductor Signup for the free SAP monitoring of your chosen system, which is only a few minutes and clicks away, you will be re-directed to the signup page after submitting this registration
  2. Keep the remote monitoring enabled to allow IT-Conductor to discover and collect your SAP systems performance information for at least 1 month, so our SAP Basis experts can have sufficient data for analysis and report findings as well as best practices recommendations
  3. Short (no longer than 30 minutes) weekly online consultation with our SAP Basis experts to ensure any urgent or important findings are discussed with you, as well as any knowledge we can transfer to your team on utilizing the platform

Signup for the complimentary SAP System Health Check valued over $2000 USD