Trusted Advisory Consultant Program

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IT-Conductor introduces its Trusted Advisor Consultant Program, a new partnership program to help Consultants/Subject Matter Experts extend their operations by automating complex IT processes. As IT systems become more distributed and complex, many companies are figuring out how to efficiently optimize resources with limited, manual personnel on hand. The IT-Conductor Trusted Advisor Program offers FREE use of its platform to leverage automation and intelligence into any SAP Application Ecosystem.

Members of the Trusted Advisor Program gain access* to:

  1. Free monitoring for your clients (up to 2 SAP systems)
  2. Free use of SID-Refresh for client's SAP system refresh
  3. Access to our global support organization for remote service delivery

*Terms & Conditions apply.

Benefits of Becoming a Trusted Advisor


Here are 10 areas IT-Conductor helps your customers optimize infrastructure, reduce costs, and enhance performance and security.

  • Agentless setup and configuration take only 15 minutes
  • A centralized system for automating admin scripts and jobs
  • Time-synchronized troubleshooting for better root cause analysis
  • Proactive execution of housekeeping tasks for best practices and problem prevention
  • Service desk integration with notifications and interactive charts
  • Automated and flexible reporting and delivery

Why Become a Trusted Advisor

Bolster your Expertise and Toolkit - Instead of being just and independent consultant, become a part of a worldwide network of experts with access to the best tools to deliver your services more efficiently to your customers. 

Faster Response and Feedback - Partnerships are forged when you can detect problems early enough and fix them. IT-Conductor will let you know the good and the bad before anything becomes a serious problem.

Higher level of Customer Retention - Your ability to retain the customer depends on how well you can monitor and fix IT issues as they arise. IT-Conductor can monitor and invoke auto-recovery actions, or notify the associated person to execute those actions. You will have 24x7 eyes and ears into your customer, an invaluable resource for your customer

Resource Efficiency - Instead of requiring more resources to fix sudden issues, IT-Conductor can automatically diagnose and fix problems before they arise. Admin teams can leverage automation and now focus on higher level functions, as opposed to boring and repeatable tasks.

Offer your Services to our Network - Our network of customers and Trusted Advisors can be leveraged for short or long term projects, using our platform as the delivery toolkit.

Referral Fees - We pay referral fees when your customers become our joint customers.

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