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Empowering Cloud Transformation

Unparalleled Expertise and Pioneering Leadership

Secure the success of your migration and transformation endeavors by operating within the cloud that SAP has relied upon since 2008, a choice that thousands of active SAP clients continue to trust.

Empowering Customers with Freedom and Adaptability

AWS offers an unparalleled spectrum of choices and well-established pathways to triumph in hosting SAP within the cloud. Whether your intention is to execute a "lift and shift" approach for ECC, initiate a migration to S/4HANA, or foster innovation and transformation through AWS services, we are positioned to optimize the returns on your SAP investments.

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IT-Conductor Enables BGP MSP to Automate S/4HANA Migration to AWS

BGP and IT-Conductor innovation initiatives are tapping SAP on AWS to enhance agility, flexibility, and scalability for migration processes. IT-Conductor platform offers automated migration services to help its customers to deliver simpler and faster deployments with a clear strategy and reduce time efforts.

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OZSoft Has Teamed Up With IT-Conductor to Deliver Automated IT Service Management

OZSOFT has partnered with IT-Conductor to deliver application performance management, automation, monitoring, and orchestration services to customers and bring operations to a whole new level, where preventing bottlenecks and system outages are key and performance trends are very easy to detect without even logging into the system.

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The Digital Transformation Journey of IDEXX Laboratories

To keep track of extensive IT activities, IDEXX sought to manage its data center footprint while cutting capital investment, lowering operational expenses, and attaining the agility to monitor SAP systems on demand. The desire to improve the SAP system landscapes of the organization led them to relocate to a hybrid cloud model with AWS and establish a reliable monitoring solution with IT-Conductor, all the while minimizing business impact.

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Under Armour Leverages Automated Migration of SAP to AWS

Under Armour engaged AWS Professional Services which in turn partnered with IT-Conductor SAP migration experts, along with the IT-Conductor platform to automate certain parts of the migration and SAP IT operations on AWS. The primary SAP applications included S/4HANA, ECC, SCM, MDG, GTS, PO, BI/BOBJ, all based on HANA and SAP ASE databases.

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