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SAP BOBJ Performance Best Practice

Posted by Linh Nguyen on Sep 30, 2015 11:39:54 AM

 Just because it's analytical and not transactional doesn't mean it's not a core part of service delivery.

As a leading Business Intelligence and analytic platform SAP BusinesObjects (BOBJ or BO) needs to deliver business performance metrics to business users to help them make informed decisions that directly impacts revenue.  So if BO is slow or unavailable, then "ITOBjects" (pun intended) failed at delivering that service to the business.  It is core and it is mission-critical, therefore it must perform.

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One of our customers recently deployed SAP BW on HANA with SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 as the reporting front-end.  Both HANA and BO are new to them, so they were unsure how to best tackle the performance management of the environment.  We proceeded based on our SAP Performance Management Best Practices and a summary of our approach for BO is described in this publication, including the 3 major areas of performance assurance: Sizing/Design, Testing/Optimization, and Monitoring/Management.  We were able to quickly identify key components, test scenarios, monitor and report key optimization recommendations.


SAP ASE (Sybase) Availability and Performance Monitoring

Posted by Linh Nguyen on May 7, 2015 8:00:00 AM

More and more SAP customers have been migrating their databases to SAP ASE (formerly Sybase), which raised the need to monitor and manage ASE's availability and performance.

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Taking a play-card from our OZSoft HANA Management Pack for SCOM powered by IT-Conductor, we are able to agentlessly monitor ASE combined with SAP HOSTAGENT for outside discovery and availability monitoring.  As discussed in the HANA monitoring using Synthetics article, we also offer SAP ASE customers the ability to monitor via native synthetic transactions directly against the database with the release of OZSoft ASE Management Pack for SCOM v1.0.2.

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