Application Performance Management Solution

Orchestrate and simplify complex IT operations with our remote agentless monitoring and performance management platform, empowering organizations to manage diverse environments with minimal overhead and maximum visibility efficiently.

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Application Performance Management Solution

Simplify end-to-end management of your complete SAP landscape with our service orchestration and automation platform. Learn More →

Gain Visibility and Control of Your Entire IT Landscape from a Single Pane of Glass

Achieve a holistic view of your applications, services, and IT infrastructure consolidated into one intuitive interface.

IT-Conductor Single Pane of Glass

Streamline Monitoring Management and Alerting

Customize your monitoring experience with precision by configuring tailored thresholds and alerts. Harness the ability to customize alerts, set exact thresholds, and receive proactive notifications, putting you in complete control of your systems and applications.

Application Performance Management Solution
Centralized Logs Collection & Metric Aggregation

Enhance Observability with Centralized Logs Collection & Metric Aggregation for Proactive Monitoring

Leverage centralized logs for detailed event correlation and metric aggregation to quickly identify and isolate issues and perform comprehensive performance analysis.

Accelerate Issue Resolution Using Time-Synchronized Data & Troubleshooting Context

With the integration of time-synchronized data and a comprehensive troubleshooting context, you gain a holistic understanding of system behavior and performance patterns. This combined insight enables fast and accurate identification of root causes, facilitating swift problem-solving and minimizing downtime effectively.

Time-synchronized Data & Troubleshooting Context
Self-healing Recovery Actions

Trigger Automated Recovery Actions Using Known Fixes for Common Issues

Leverage a wide range of pre-defined recovery actions to automatically remediate common issues, ensuring rapid response and minimizing the impact on operations.

Unparalleled APM Solution for Any Environment

IT-Conductor provides deep insights and advanced visibility into how your entire system landscape is performing to help you better understand, optimize, and troubleshoot your applications. By understanding how application performance impacts your customers, you can make better decisions that will improve the overall experience for everyone.
With IT-Conductor, you can quickly identify and resolve issues that are causing degraded performance.

Advanced Observability at Your Fingertips

Availability Monitoring

Monitor the availability of systems and applications to maintain uninterrupted operational reliability and minimize downtime.

Performance Intelligence

Increase visibility into system performance, improve data gathering, and provide targeted analysis and troubleshooting.

Service Level Management

Enable tracking of KPIs and easy configuration of target availability, response times, and notifications for proactive monitoring.

Synthetic Transaction Management

Integrate test transactions and reports to simulate user interactions and optimize application performance.

Alerts Management

Enable policy-based exceptions, alert filtering, time synchronization, automatic recovery, and targeted notifications.

Reporting & Analytics

Generate KPI, capacity, month-end, custom reports, and view real-time metrics using the built-in Service Grid to help you make informed decisions quickly.

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Solution Built for Hybrid Enterprise Environment

Utilize a massively parallel processing engine to orchestrate complex IT and business processes across open platforms and applications. Streamline processes, optimize resource management, and enhance team collaboration for increased productivity and results-driven outcomes.

Workflow Orchestration




One year: $99 per month
Two years: $88 per month
Three years: $82.50 per month

  • HANA, ASE, Oracle, MSSQL
  • OS support included
  • Notifications
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Automated recoveries



One year: $198 per month
Two years: $176 per month
Three years: $165 per month

  • SAP Netweaver, BOBJ and cloud apps included
  • No native DB or OS monitoring
  • Notifications
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Automated recoveries



One year: $495 per month
Two years: $440 per month
Three years: $412.50 per month

  • SAP Netweaver, BOBJ and cloud apps included
  • Supported database on OS included
  • AWS, Azure, VMWare and more included in cloud infrastructure
  • Notifications
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Automated recoveries

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