Cloud-based Application Performance Management

Orchestrate and simplify complex IT operations with our remote agentless monitoring and performance management platform.

Enjoy the benefits of IT-Conductor™ as a cloud-based solution.

Our Software-as-a-Service platform allows you to start managing your SAP landscape almost instantly without the need to install additional infrastructure components. Design, build, and deploy automated solutions at cloud speed!

What is Application Performance Management?

Application Performance Management (APM) are tools and processes that help organizations monitor and manage the performance of applications. It allows the automation of monitoring and related service management to provide effective, and continuous insight into application health.

The use of APM tools is a key part of modern application management and development as it helps organizations achieve improved efficiency, reliability, and responsiveness.

Unparalleled APM Solution for Any Environment

IT-Conductor provides deep insights and advanced visibility into how your entire system landscape is performing to help you better understand, optimize, and troubleshoot your applications. By understanding how application performance impacts your customers, you can make better decisions that will improve the overall experience for everyone.
With IT-Conductor, you can quickly identify and resolve issues that are causing degraded performance.

Advanced Observability at Your Fingertips


Monitor the availability of user-defined services together with the supporting infrastructure components that make up the service with a flexible configuration.


Increase visibility into system performance, improve data gathering, and provide targeted analysis and troubleshooting so that your IT team can become more proactive and responsive, enabling them to have a direct and positive impact on business operations.

Fault Management

Leverage advanced troubleshooting context that automatically time synchronizes various service health components in order to assist in the root-cause determination.


Perform policy-based recovery. Leverage intelligent automation to attempt recovery action upon an alert occurrence and proactively prevent a service disruption.

Solution Built for Hybrid Enterprise Environment

Utilize a massively parallel processing engine to coordinate complex IT processes across open platforms and applications. We offer a holistic approach to application performance management that encompasses the components within an IT system landscape. Our services are highly customizable and increasingly adaptive, so you can always find the best solution for your needs.

Monitor, Manage, and Orchestrate Your Entire System Landscape

Entire SAP Ecosystem & Beyond

In-depth coverage of SAP® and infrastructure components.  All the SAP monitoring intelligence and common templates you need are already built-in.

  • SAP NetWeaver®, ABAP® & Java, PI/PO, BusinessObjects™, SAP Data Services (BODS)

  • SAP®supported databases: Oracle, MS SQL*Server, DB2 UDB, SAP HANA®, SAP ASE®, SAP MaxDB®

  • Batch Processing, Cross-platform Job and Script execution via RFC/JDBC/SSH/Telnet/WinRS


  • Flexible Adapter framework for endless API integration with other platforms including AWS, Azure, BigPanda, Jira ServiceDesk, ServiceNow, Derdack

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Integrated Dashboards & Reporting

  • Role-based Dashboards
  • Highly flexible SAP Service Level Reporting, manually or on schedule
  • Slice and Dice Performance Data Interactive Lists and Charts with drill-downs
  • Time-synchronized data for correlation, root-cause analysis, and analytics

Integrated Load Testing

Tightly integrated with sophisticated LoadTesting solution for Web and SAPGUI:

  • Fully Integrated into the Monitoring & Automation framework
  • Manual, Triggered, or Scheduled Test Execution
  • Execution Metric Monitoring & Reporting
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Proactive Monitoring with Advanced Features for Troubleshooting and RCAs

Proactively diagnose and fix issues fast. By identifying issues early, you can keep your customers happy and ensure that your applications run smoothly. Manage alerts more effectively by using policy-based exceptions where alerts can be filtered, time-synchronized, and automatically recovered, including targeted notification to the right analyst reducing mean time to repair (MTTR).