SAP Transport Automation

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What is SAP Transport Automation?

SAP Transport Automation refers to the solution developed to automate SAP transport request management. It involves automating the tasks associated with transporting the tracking code and configuration changes from one SAP system to another.

Implementing SAP Transport Automation will help you achieve the following:

  • Eliminate manual execution of tasks, improving accuracy and reliability of transports
  • Optimize process execution, increasing efficiency and productivity of teams
  • Reduce processing time, improving overall turnaround times
  • Mitigate risks associated with manual handling of transports
  • Streamline compliance audits, strengthening organizational compliance efforts
  • Achieve cost savings through the reduction of operational expenses

Automated Transport Request Management

In large-scale SAP implementation projects that handle hundreds or thousands of transport requests, the occurrence of oversights is inevitable. These oversights can lead to the deployment of incorrect object versions, leading to potential defects in the production environment. Not only can this cause delays and additional costs, but it can also have a negative impact on the overall success of the project.

To effectively mitigate these risks, it is crucial to establish robust and reliable process automation for transport management. This automated approach ensures proper management, control, and seamless import of code and configuration changes across SAP systems, minimizing errors and optimizing the efficiency of the transport management process.

Discover Key Features of SAP Transport Automation

Request through SAP Change Management in Service Catalog

The transport request management process begins when a user initiates a request through the SAP Change Management option in IT-Conductor Service Catalog.

SAP Change Management in Service Catalog

Execute via Change Request Process Composer

The execution phase carries out requests from the source by moving them to one or more target systems. It involves a process design in the form of a Process Definition developed using IT-Conductor’s native workflow automation feature.

Transport Request Process Definition

Alerts/Notifications are Automatically Sent via E-mail

The Process Definition also covers the automatic sending of e-mail alerts/notifications to the designated recipients who need to be kept informed of the changes being processed.

E-mail Sent to the SAP Change Management Team

Dashboard Displays Transport Request Submissions

The dashboard displays all transport requests that have been submitted, enabling SAP Basis teams to efficiently monitor the status of requests submitted by users.

This functionality, coupled with audit and compliance features, generates detailed logs and reports at the change request level. It also organizes them based on system and date, ensuring transparency and accountability in change management.

SAP Transport Request Dashboard

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