SAP Transport Automation

Streamline SAP transport request management with our automation solution, engineered to simplify moving transport requests in SAP. Benefit from increased efficiency, accuracy, and compliance, supported by comprehensive audit reports detailing who, what, and when all processed changes occurred.

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SAP Transport Automation

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SAP Change Management

Request through SAP Change Management in Service Catalog

Initiating the transport request management process is as simple as starting a request through the SAP Change Management option in the IT-Conductor Service Catalog.

Experience unparalleled efficiency and accuracy from the very first step!

Streamline SAP Transport Management and Eliminate Manual Tasks Using the Change Request Process Composer

Experience a seamless execution phase that efficiently carries out requests from the source to target systems, leveraging IT-Conductor’s native workflow orchestration feature for seamless process design and execution.

Achieve improved accuracy and operational efficiency by automating tasks such as notifying stakeholders at the start and end of change activities, emergency change approvals, and more! Tailored to support your complex change management processes.

SAP Transport Request Management Automation
SAP Transports Email Notification

Receive Automatic Alerts and Notifications via E-mail

Stay informed with automatic notifications when the workflow starts and ends, during emergency changes, and for approval requests and rejections.

Keep all stakeholders in the loop with ongoing changes so everyone is up-to-date and aligned.

Gain Visibility and Tracking with a Dashboard that Displays Transport Request Submissions

Empower SAP Basis teams to monitor submitted transport requests efficiently with a dashboard that can be tailored to show requests by source and target systems, and users.

By providing audit and compliance features that can display detailed logs and reports at the change request level, IT-Conductor dashboards serve as a powerful tool for teams to enhance transparency and accountability.

SAP Change Management Dashboard

Watch SAP Transport Automation in Action

This tool has drastically improved the time it takes to get changes tested by the off-shore team.
- Sr. IT Manager, SAP Development, Company Confidential

Automated SAP Transport Request Management for Maximum Productivity

In large-scale SAP implementation projects that handle hundreds or thousands of transport requests, the occurrence of oversights is inevitable. These oversights can lead to the deployment of incorrect object versions, leading to potential defects in the production environment. Not only can this cause delays and additional costs, but it can also have a negative impact on the overall success of the project.

Establishing robust and reliable process automation for transport management is crucial to mitigate these risks effectively. This automated approach ensures proper management, control, and seamless import of code and configuration changes across SAP systems, minimizing errors and optimizing the efficiency of the transport management process.

SAP Change Management Form
SAP Transport Automation

Leveraging SAP Transport Automation by IT-Conductor

This case study talks about the basics of SAP Transport Management and how IT-Conductor SAP Transport Automation can help transform your implementation projects like it did for a Fortune 100 medical device company.

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Thanks to IT-Conductor for working with me in architecting and building the SAP Transport Automation solution and supporting it over the year. This self-service/automated process has immensely helped us in reducing the development and testing efforts in our implementation projects.
- Sr. SAP Basis Lead, Company Confidential