Infrastructure Monitoring & Observability Solution

Simplify infrastructure monitoring and management with IT-Conductor's unified monitoring capability and advanced observability features. Quickly resolve issues and take charge of your IT infrastructure today!

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Infrastructure Monitoring & Observability Solution

Start managing your IT infrastructure almost instantly with IT-Conductor's agentless monitoring framework. Learn More →

Manage End-to-End IT Infrastructure from a Single Platform

Monitor servers, databases, and other compute resources both on-premises and in the cloud, all from a single pane of glass.

Application Monitoring

Application Monitoring

Ensure optimal application performance with continuous monitoring and advanced observability for peak efficiency.
Database Monitoring

Database Monitoring

Monitor DBMS health, track query performance, and ensure data integrity to support your critical business operations seamlessly.
Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

Proactively monitor and manage resources and detect failures to keep your servers healthy and maintain system reliability.
Cloud Native Monitoring

Cloud Native Monitoring

Gain insights into your microservices, containers, and cloud-native applications to enhance performance and scalability.
End User Monitoring

End User Monitoring

Deliver exceptional user experiences by monitoring user interactions and understanding user behavior to drive continuous improvement.
IoT Monitoring

IoT Monitoring

Ensure the reliability and security of your IoT devices with advance monitoring. Track device availability and performance to maintain a robust IoT ecosystem.
Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

Identify and troubleshoot network issues, optimize performance, and ensure reliable connectivity to maintain a resilient and secure network.
Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring

Detect security threats, respond to incidents promptly, and safeguard your data and infrastructure against potential security breaches.
Storage Monitoring

Storage Monitoring

Monitor storage usage, identify storage issues, and manage capacity effectively to maintain peak system performance across the entire IT infrastructure.

Enterprise-Grade Solution for Your Infrastructure Monitoring Needs

IT-Conductor provides visibility into all aspects of your environment, giving you more flexibility and control as you manage complex and hybrid infrastructure.  IT-Conductor also provides deep insights and advanced observability into how your infrastructure is performing so you can better understand, optimize, and identify issues early on so that they don't cause long-term damage or disruption to your business.

Designed for Complex & Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Empower your business with solutions designed to monitor, manage, and orchestrate complex and hybrid infrastructures seamlessly.

Our advanced tools offer comprehensive monitoring, automation, and orchestration capabilities, ensuring peak performance and reliability across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Infrastructure Monitoring - Hybrid IT Infrastructure
Infrastructure Monitoring Alerts Management

Customize Alerts & Notifications for Proactive Monitoring

Receive timely notifications on critical events to stay on top of high-priority incidents.

Customize alert settings to ensure only relevant information reaches the right teams, cutting through the noise and maximizing performance.

Enhance Visibility with Integrated Dashboards & Reporting

Go beyond alerts and leverage IT-Conductor's highly flexible dashboard and reporting features to send customized reports or perform root cause analysis.

Gain valuable insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) and drive informed decision-making with real-time, continuously updated data.

IT-Conductor Dashboards and Reports
Infrastructure Monitoring - Database Correlation

Improve Troubleshooting with Application-Infrastructure Correlation

IT-Conductor simplifies the correlation between applications and infrastructure components to better visualize their connections and dependencies.

Utilize time-synchronized data to better visualize context and mapping between applications and infrastructure. This enhanced visibility allows for more efficient troubleshooting and optimization, improving system performance and reliability.

Design, Build, and Deploy Resources at Cloud Speed

Streamline resource provisioning and deployment processes to scale effortlessly, adapt quickly, and stay ahead.

Resource Provisioning
Known Unknown Matrix

How to Build Observable Systems?

Building observable systems requires understanding the concept of observability and its three pillars—metrics, logs, and traces. However, implementing a solution based solely on the three pillars is not enough. There is more to observability that goes beyond gathering data and making sense of it.

We had the monitoring of our SCM system up and running within a single collaborative web session. The IT-Conductor team captured specific details of long-running jobs and queue failures, providing actionable short-term fixes while recommending auto-recoveries for queues that were only possible via manual intervention. The manpower saving and quick mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) that could be realized was evident, especially when IT-Conductor can automate it 24x7.

- Vishwanath Narasimmal, Global Head of SAP and Cloud Infrastructure Services, Coats
Impact and Challenge of IT Silos

Eliminating IT Silos with Unified Monitoring

The push toward digital transformation has led many organizations to acquire and utilize silos of tools to manage different IT resources. This trend leads to a proliferation of disparate tools that do not always work together cohesively, leading to operational inefficiencies, increased complexity, and reduced productivity.
IT-Conductor continued to work seamlessly with Coats during the COVID-19 pandemic to support its mission of delivering critical textile needed for personal protection equipment manufacturing such as face masks and hospital wear, especially when remote management was the mode of operation from a global hybrid workforce.
- Helge Brummer, VP of Technology & Operations in Coats

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