Infrastructure Monitoring

Efficiently manage and monitor your systems from a single platform with IT-Conductor's unified monitoring capability and advanced observability features. Get to the bottom of problems quickly and take control of your IT infrastructure today!

Enjoy the benefits of IT-Conductor™ as a cloud-based solution.

Our Software-as-a-Service platform allows you to start managing your IT infrastructure such as databases, OS, and cloud almost instantly without the need to install additional infrastructure components. Design, build, and deploy automated solutions at cloud speed!

What is Infrastructure Monitoring?

Infrastructure monitoring is the process of collecting and analyzing devices within an IT infrastructure in real time. It allows administrators to identify and resolve issues quickly, ensuring that all systems are running smoothly.

By monitoring everything from servers to databases to applications, administrators can ensure that everything is running as it should and prevent any potential problems from arising.

Enterprise-Grade Cloud Solution for Your Infrastructure Monitoring Needs

IT-Conductor provides visibility into all aspects of your environment, giving you more flexibility and control as you manage complex and hybrid infrastructure. Monitor compute, network, and storage resources more efficiently, ensuring that all systems are running at their peak performance. 
IT-Conductor also provides deep insights and advanced visibility into how your infrastructure is performing so you can better understand, optimize, and identify issues early on so that they don't cause long-term damage or disruption to your business. 

Availability & Performance Monitoring

Gain visibility into the availability and performance of various application domains and their underlying infrastructure. Evaluate application performance from a more granular level with the platform's ability to drill up/down components. Get quick access to CPU/Memory utilization, response times, and more by simply navigating to your desired resource and expanding its properties from the same window or what we call the service grid.

IT-Conductor can also monitor the availability of user-defined services as well as supporting infrastructure components that make up the service with a flexible configuration.

We had the monitoring of our SCM system up and running within a single collaborative web session. The IT-Conductor team was able to capture specific details of long-running jobs and queue failures, which provided actionable short-term fixes while recommending auto-recoveries for queues that were only possible via manual intervention previously. The manpower saving and quick mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) that could be realized was obvious, especially when IT-Conductor can automate it 24x7.

- Vishwanath Narasimmal, Global Head of SAP and Cloud Infrastructure Services, Coats

Powering Complex and Hybrid Infrastructure

Unified Monitoring

Get a better understanding of your complex infrastructure with IT-Conductor. The platform simplifies the correlation between applications and infrastructure components to better visualize their connections and dependencies. Intelligently monitor system resources and view their hierarchical relationships from a single pane of glass.

Advanced Observability

Increase visibility into system performance, improve data gathering, and provide targeted analysis and troubleshooting so that your IT team can become more proactive and responsive, enabling them to have a direct and positive impact on business operations.

Integrated Dashboards & Reporting

Go beyond alert management and leverage the platform's highly flexible dashboard and reporting features to send out customized reports or perform RCAs (Root Cause Analysis). You also get to see an overview of your key performance indicators (KPIs) and make informed decisions based on data that is constantly updated in real-time.

10 Ways to Smart Automation

Ten Ways to Smart Application Performance Management

Keeping tabs on system health goes beyond monitoring availability and performance. Here are 10 ways to achieve smart application performance management.

Proactive Monitoring with Advanced Features for Troubleshooting and RCAs

Proactively diagnose and fix issues fast. By identifying issues early, you can keep your customers happy and ensure that your applications run smoothly. Manage alerts more effectively by using policy-based exceptions where alerts can be filtered, time-synchronized, and automatically recovered, including targeted notification to the right analyst reducing mean time to repair (MTTR).