Cloud Migration Solution for Enterprise Environments

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Cloud Migration Solution for Enterprise Environments

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Application Discovery


Application discovery in IT-Conductor leverages a multi-layer approach to automatically discover deep dependency chains among application components. The platform can display components in a hierarchical view, allowing you to drill up and down to see the components making up your entire system landscape.

Capturing Cloud Baseline in IT-Conductor


Easily capture metrics and generate performance baselines for your source environment from the IT-Conductor Service Grid. You can also export landscape inventory data with the compute, storage, and networking profiles from the landscape discovery information gathered from the Discovery stage.

Blueprint Designer


IT-Conductor follows the 6 pillars behind a good cloud design (Operational Excellence, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, Security, Reliability, and Sustainability) when designing a migration plan. We will guide you from project initiation until the process of blueprinting to make your cloud migration journey as seamless as possible.

Cloud Migration Automation - Process Definition


Leverage IT-Conductor's wide-ranging automation templates to customize and automate migration scenarios as defined in the previous stages. Develop codes for the provisioning of resources, installing of applications, and other pre-requisite activities you may require prior to the actual migration activity.

Cloud Migration Automation Process


Build stable and efficient systems in the cloud by leveraging the intelligent automation feature of the IT-Conductor platform. Run and execute assisted, managed, or fully automated migration using the process definitions fed by the Design and Develop stages.

Start Your Cloud Migration Journey with IT-Conductor

Leverage IT-Conductor's full-stack monitoring and automation capabilities to discover components in your environment, generate configuration baselines, design your migration blueprint, automate migration scenarios, and securely move your applications to the cloud.

Move Applications to the Cloud Simple and Faster

  • Intelligent Automation with integration into open standards such as Git, Terraform, Ansible, Azure API, REST API, JSON, and native application protocols
  • 24x7 continuous access to data to validate sizing, utilization, and configuration all throughout the Proof of Concept (PoC) stage
Cloud Migration Time Savings
Embracing the Cloud: CAASCO's Journey with IT-Conductor in the ISV Workload Migration Program

Embracing the Cloud: CAASCO's Journey with IT-Conductor in the ISV Workload Migration Program

IT-Conductor seamlessly transitioned CAASCO's critical SAP ecosystem monitoring, including VMware infrastructure, from Microsoft SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) to IT-Conductor's cloud platform running on AWS. This included performance monitoring, application logs, dynamic dashboards, multi-channel notifications, reporting, and an efficient file watcher monitoring system that vigilantly observes critical file operations, ensuring data integrity and timely processing.
IT-Conductor Enables BGP MSP to Automate S/4HANA Migration to AWS

IT-Conductor Enables BGP MSP to Automate S/4HANA Migration to AWS

For 35 years, BGP has been offering consulting, services, and software platforms in the areas managed by CFOs and CIOs relating to the design, construction, and management of corporate information systems, taking as a starting point the specific needs of the functional and industry sectors to provide complete ERP, Analytics, Performance Management and Managed Services solutions, enabling management to make conscious decisions in line with the state of the art opportunities offered by technological evolution, in cloud and on-premise, developing cloud-native applications that extend standard solutions using blockchain, AI, ML, RPA, and IoT technologies to automate activities and increase control and granularity of data.
Under Armour Leverages Automated Migration of SAP to AWS

Under Armour Leverages Automated Migration of SAP to AWS

In 2021, Under Armour (“UA”), a well-recognized leading athletic performance apparel company, embarked on a cloud journey to migrate SAP to AWS. Following UA’s selection of AWS as the cloud platform to host its large SAP environment, the migration project would modernize the SAP operations to allow speed and resiliency of cloud-based automation in delivering business values to supply chain, retail, global trade services, R&D, ERP and integration with its partners.

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