SAP Basis Automation

Transform SAP operations effortlessly with automation tailored for SAP Basis, delivering simplified management, enhanced efficiency, and elevated performance.

SAP Basis Automation

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Why Automate SAP Basis Operations?

  • Increased Efficiency

    Increased Efficiency

    Automation optimizes SAP operations by managing routine tasks and reducing time and effort. This allows teams to focus on high-value tasks, driving innovation and business growth.

  • Minimized Errors

    Minimized Errors

    Automating repetitive processes reduces human errors and ensures reliable SAP landscape management.

  • Faster Response Times

    Faster Response Times

    Automated alerts and recovery actions minimize downtime, maintain business continuity, and provide a better user experience.

  • Resource Optimization

    Resource Optimization

    Automation gives administrators more time to focus on strategic initiatives, allowing organizations to reallocate resources and invest in growth and innovation.

  • Scalability & Flexibility

    Scalability & Flexibility

    Accommodate growing business needs and adapt to changes in the IT landscape.

Optimize Queue Management and Batch Job Processing

Ensure efficient data processing and prevent bottlenecks between transactions. Detect failed jobs and automatically trigger restart operations for batch jobs.

IT-Conductor allows users to automate the restarting of Inbound/Outbound (SYSFAIL, RETRY, CPIERR, and RUNNING) queues.

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IT-Conductor facilitates automatic restarts of interrupted or failed batch jobs, ensuring continuous processing and minimizing disruptions to critical business processes.

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Detect and Resolve Errors Automatically

Quickly identify any anomalies and automatically initiate recovery actions to remediate errors. Say goodbye to manual troubleshooting while your team focuses on value-adding activities.

IT-Conductor allows users to automate error handling in a Pacemaker cluster environment.

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Automate the process of restarting printer queues using IT-Conductor's recovery action feature.

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Simplify Workload and Resource Management

Configure thresholds to automatically perform start/stop, backup, and cleanup operations to optimize resource performance and enhance overall system reliability.

Leverage automation wizards to perform administrative tasks effortlessly, reducing manual workload and ensuring smooth, uninterrupted operations. 

In IT-Conductor, you can quickly start and stop systems, databases, and applications. Just click a button, and the platform handles everything automatically without requiring you to log in. This feature allows you to perform maintenance activities with greater ease and flexibility.

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The backup automation tool provided by IT-Conductor offers a high degree of customization, allowing organizations to tailor the backup process to their specific requirements. This includes defining backup schedules, threshold overrides, and custom recovery activities.

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IT-Conductor simplifies Unix/Linux file system cleanup automation, improving performance management capabilities.

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IT-Conductor automates self-service password resets and user unlocking based on the customer's security policy. As needed, reset passwords can be sent directly to the user, a distribution list, or a specified group.

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The SAP Kernel Update automation solution automates kernel patching, significantly reducing planned downtime for maintenance windows and increasing security compliance.

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Lakeland and IT-Conductor Collaboration to Automate User Unlock and Password Reset

Unlocking Efficiency: Lakeland Dairies and IT-Conductor's Collaboration to Automate User Unlock and Password Reset

SAP users at Lakeland Dairies who encounter lockouts often find themselves in a situation where they must engage with the IT service desk, initiating a cumbersome process of raising requests to the SAP Security or Basis teams. These requests to unlock and reactivate their accounts are essential to resume their tasks. However, this manual intervention, while necessary, inadvertently ushers in a series of challenges that impact both time and operational efficiencies. Learn more about how Lakeland Dairies leveraged the automation solution of IT-Conductor to streamline this process.

Empower SAP Basis Teams Through Intelligent Automation

Automation frees up your team from repetitive tasks and allows them to focus on driving innovation and growth. Imagine the possibilities when they can dedicate their time and expertise to things that bring value, ignite creativity, and optimize your SAP landscape.
System Refresh Process

Streamline E2E System Refresh

Implement a unified approach to streamline SAP system refreshes, consolidating multiple administrative tasks into a single workflow. Automate manual processing of tasks to reduce complexity, increase reliability, and ensure consistent, error-free execution throughout the refresh process.

SAP Transport Automation

Automated SAP Change Management for Large-Scale SAP Implementation Projects

Efficient management, control, and seamless import of code and configuration changes across SAP systems are crucial for successful large-scale SAP implementation projects.

However, despite your best efforts, transport management oversights can happen, leading to delays, additional costs, and incorrect object versions being deployed, which can result in issues in the production environment.

To mitigate these risks, implement robust and reliable process automation for transport management.

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