Server Monitoring

Track server availability and ensure peak performance to keep your applications running smoothly and your services accessible at all times. Ensure seamless operations and uninterrupted service delivery for your customers.

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Server Monitoring

Explore key features tailored for monitoring Linux and Windows environments. Learn More →

Enhance Visibility into Server Performance with Custom Alerts & Notifications

Take charge of your monitoring experience with precision by setting up custom thresholds and alerts. Ensure proactive monitoring by setting up notification e-mails and delivering timely alerts to designated team members.

Server Monitoring Health Explorer

Accelerate Issue Resolution Using Time-Synchronized Data & Troubleshooting Context

By combining time-synchronized data and comprehensive troubleshooting context, you will gain a deep understanding of server behavior and performance patterns, enabling quick and effective problem-solving, and minimizing downtime efficiently.

Visualize Key Metrics with Real-Time, Color-Coded Heatmaps

Quickly identify performance bottlenecks with a color-coded heatmap that provides a concise overview of specific metrics that matter most to you. Stay ahead with real-time updates and monitor system performance as it happens!

Linux Heatmap

Trigger Automated Recovery Actions Using Known Fixes for Common Server Issues

Gain access to a diverse set of pre-defined recovery actions designed to resolve common server issues, ensuring minimal disruption to operations quickly. You can also configure custom recovery actions for added flexibility.

Simplified User Access Control Management

Manage role assignments easily and ensure that only authorized users have access to the right tools and resources, maintaining security and operational efficiency.

Server Monitoring - User Administration
For several years now, IT-Conductor has been a proven solution for system monitoring, reporting, and automation of SAP IT operations at IDEXX.  The team and platform have been a valuable part of our SAP journey to the cloud.
- Prabhat Sharma, Associate Director - SAP Application, IDEXX Laboratories

Infrastructure Monitoring & Observability Solution

Simplify infrastructure monitoring and management with IT-Conductor's unified monitoring capability and advanced observability features. Quickly resolve issues and take charge of your IT infrastructure today!

Infrastructure Monitoring & Observability Solution
An Overview to Windows Monitoring with IT-Conductor

An Overview to Windows Monitoring with IT-Conductor

Windows servers have been powering businesses for many years now. The high degree of scalability that comes with running applications on the Windows Operating System (OS) provides organizations flexibility as the business grows. This level of flexibility in an enterprise environment, however, poses some challenges when it comes to making sense of all the logs and metrics coming from various systems and applications. Especially nowadays, where applications are hosted in hybrid environments, monitoring is becoming more burdensome for IT Teams.

Monitoring Linux with IT-Conductor

Monitoring Linux Systems with IT-Conductor

Linux is one of the most popular operating systems on the market. It's renowned for its open-source nature, security, stability, interoperability, and customization capabilities. Given its ubiquitous use and compatibility with many enterprise platforms, servers, mobile devices, embedded devices, Cloud OS, etc., choosing the proper monitoring tool for Linux systems is as critical as its function in most application software.

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