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10 Ways to Better Application-Centric Service Management

Posted by Linh Nguyen on Aug 31, 2015 10:35:00 AM


Many IT organizations suffer from the nagging problems of Availability and Performance Management.  For customers with enterprise applications such as SAP, it’s tough to manage the growing demands of such environments due to factors such as fast changing technology, repetitive tasks overload, new project demands, outsourcing/insourcing, and cloud initiatives just to name a few.

The only smart way to manage IT to support sustained growth for the business is to work smarter with Application-Centric Service Management & Automation.  A topic we will explore in more details in this publication.


SAP Solution Manager Technical Monitoring of BOBJ BI 4.0 - Part 1 of 3

Posted by Linh Nguyen on Aug 21, 2015 10:30:00 AM

A common SAP technology stack for Business Intelligence that we've come across in the field has been SAP Business Warehouse (BW) backend as the enterprise data warehouse platform, with a BusinessObjects (SAP BOBJ) Business Intelligence (BI) reporting application. Performance testing, monitoring and tuning in such environment requires the setup of tools that will monitor the BOBJ as well as the BW system. This has to be part of any performance and availability management project involving the environment described above. We previously covered the technical monitoring setup using SAP Solution Manager in SAP NW on HANA Monitoring Setup (Preparation, Managed System Configuration and Technical Monitoring). The next series of 3-parts blog we will detail the setup for SAP BOBJ Monitoring in Solman 7.1

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SAP MAI has gone MIA

Posted by Linh Nguyen on Aug 18, 2015 3:43:00 PM

Getting Lost in the DSO, Infopackages, Infocubes and the Aggregation

Yes SAP Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure (MAI) has made SAP alerts much harder to find!  If you don't believe me, try finding actual SAP Netweaver managed system alerts in Solman, like an actual ABAP dump, or a Syslog event.  What you see in Solman Alert Inbox are not raw alerts but summarized objects and counters, you still need to figure out when an alert actually happened on the managed system and where to find it?

Look at our various publications for background information:


SAP Basis Automation with SID-Refresh

Posted by Linh Nguyen on Aug 12, 2015 10:17:00 AM

UPDATE: As of February 2018, we have superseded this Windows-only version with a Java version for all SAP platforms on Windows/Linux/Unix.  It is offered as a subscription service included in our monitoring or via a paid SID-Refresh subscription.  If interested, please visit announcement SAP Basis Automation with SID-Refresh Now Supports ECC/CRM/BW/GTS/SCM/EWM/Solman

For years, as a Basis consultant managing SAP landscapes and performing SAP OS/DB Migrations, I always wished for some SAP Basis Automation, especially with tedious and repetitive processes such as System cloning, migration, and refreshes especially in the pre and post copy steps.  At OZSoft, we built checklists and runbooks long before there was SAP Landscape Virtualization Manager (LVM).  Those checklists and scripts are still useful and worked well, but they are manual, and while SAP LVM Post-Copy Automation (PCA) improved those basis tasks - it's still a costly licensed product from SAP (enterprise license needed for PCA) requiring yet-another landscape.

The most simple tasks, if not automated, can become complex and error-prone when they are frequently repeated especially by different team members.  At IT-Conductor, we're all about simplication so we decided to automate this as SID-Refresh tool and release it as Freeware (credit goes to our Super Basis consultant Vladimir Mokrushov for taking on this challenge), with the goal of saving our Basis community members endless hours over and over again.  Afterall, we believe Automation is the only way to efficiently manage the ever growing complexity of SAP ecosystem.

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