System Refresh as a Service

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Custom Orchestration

Integrate your SAP systems into the monitoring and automation framework behind IT-Conductor to ensure seamless operation when performing system refresh. 

 te your SAP systems remotely with IT-Conductor™ to fully integrate them into our monitoring and automation framework.
3-E2E Automation

End-to-End Automation

Design, build, and implement E2E automation in your workflow to reduce your organization's time, effort, and operational cost when performing system refresh.

5-Easy Implementation


Deploy a solution that is designed to run system refresh in a wide variety of applications, different hardware platforms, and varying software architectures.

Automated E2E Solution for Refreshing SAP Systems

Designed to Simplify, Automate, and Optimize System Refresh

A simplified approach to the SAP system refresh process that streamlines numerous administrative tasks into one, automated, end-to-end workflow.

Standardize and speed up the time you need to complete system refresh from days to hours!

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What is System Refresh?

System refresh is simply copying one SAP system to another target system that already exists. When you refresh a system, you overwrite an existing target system with the latest data from a source system while maintaining the configuration.

System Refresh Process


You can visit our documentation page to learn more about system refresh. 

Automate with IT-Conductor™

IT-Conductor™ is a SaaS platform that is used to remotely orchestrate complex IT operations. With its capability to automate processes, you will save a significant amount of time and effort performing system refresh in your organization.

Using an Automation-as-a-Service feature in the platform, you will be able to streamline several steps into one, automated end-to-end workflow.

Sample System Refresh Process Definition
SID-Refresh Tool

Automate with SID-Refresh™

SID-Refresh™ is a separate tool developed to automate the exporting, importing, and cleanup process of system refresh. 

It is designed to simplify, automate, and optimize the process of updating the technical data and configuration in SAP systems.

Simplifying SAP System Refresh with SID-Refresh™

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Benefits and Value of SID-Refresh

The benefit and value provided by SID-Refresh are the following:

Additional hardware is not required

Minimal resources for implementation and operations

No major changes in the existing landscape

Easy implementation with minimal process

Can be deployed on platforms that use different operating systems and databases

Automated process*

Minimizes downtime

Increased integrity

  Note: Automated process using the SID-Refresh™ standalone tool attributes to around 40% of E2E System Refresh Process.


What Our Customers Say

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SID-Refresh(Standalone) vs E2E Automation with IT-Conductor™

What solution would best fit your business needs?

Features SID-Refresh™ (Standalone) E2E Automation with IT-Conductor™

40% Automated

SID-Refresh™ is used for exporting, cleaning, and importing technical and data configurations. Save up to almost half the time it takes to perform this complex administrative task!

80% Automated

The Automation-as-a-Service feature in IT-Conductor™ can help you save up to 80% of the time and effort that it takes to perform system refresh. The 20% margin is attributed to variations in the customer's E2E process. 


Out-of-the-box Software

Instantly save time, effort, and operational cost by using SID-Refresh™ to perform the three most complex procedures when refreshing your SAP systemsnamely the exporting, importing, and cleaning up of technical and data configurations. 

Full Custom Orchestration

Enjoy the benefit of having your SAP systems fully integrated with the IT-Conductor™ platform. With our monitoring and automation framework, you will have more flexibility to run system refresh, regardless of what your systems are made of.



Supports a wide variety of applications, hardware platforms, and software architectures. You can visit our documentation page to see the complete list of supported environments.


Supports a wide variety of applications, hardware platforms, and software architectures. You can check our documentation page to learn more about the architecture behind the IT-Conductor™ platform.


Saved Execution Logs

 Logging is a built-in feature of SID-Refresh™. Troubleshoot with ease by utilizing the logs that are automatically generated when executing the export, clean, and import process.

Alert Management & Notifications

Get notified when a scheduled system refresh starts, ends, or when an error occurs. You can also configure the system to send notifications to your stakeholders when a system refresh starts and ends. 

Others N/A

Includes Basic Monitoring Features

Integrating your SAP systems with the IT-Conductor™ platform gives you the ability to monitor resource utilization and availability, manage alerts and notifications, configure basic dashboards, and set different KPIs that you want to closely monitor.


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E2E Automation with IT-Conductor™


$500/month per SAP system landscape

Enjoy the benefits of having a fully integrated solution that lets you automate system refresh and manage your resources with basic monitoring features included when you enroll your SAP landscapes in the IT-Conductor™ platform.