SAP SolMan Technical Monitoring of BOBJ BI 4.0 - Part 1 of 3


A common SAP technology stack for Business Intelligence that we've come across in the field has been SAP Business Warehouse (BW) backend as the enterprise data warehouse platform, with a BusinessObjects (SAP BOBJ) Business Intelligence (BI) reporting application. Performance testing, monitoring, and tuning in such environment requires the setup of tools that will monitor the BOBJ as well as the BW system. This has to be part of any performance and availability management project involving the environment described above. We previously covered the technical monitoring setup using SAP Solution Manager in SAP NW on HANA Monitoring Setup (Preparation, Managed System Configuration, and Technical Monitoring).

In the next series of 3-part blogs, we will detail the setup for SAP BOBJ Monitoring in Solman 7.1.

This Part 1 documents the various preparation steps in order to allow the Solution Manager and the Managed System to communicate with each other via the Diagnostics Agent.



In Part 2 we will look at the Auto-Configure tool for BOBJ, and then finally in Part 3 we will perform the Managed System Configuration inside Solman. These involve a lengthy process thus it's better to cover them in parts for thoroughness.


Download SAP SolMan BOBJ Monitoring Setup Guide