10 Ways to Better Application-Centric Service Management



Many IT organizations suffer from the nagging problems of Availability and Performance Management.  For customers with enterprise applications such as SAP, it’s tough to manage the growing demands of such environments due to factors such as fast changing technology, repetitive tasks overload, new project demands, outsourcing/insourcing, and cloud initiatives just to name a few.

The only smart way to manage IT to support sustained growth for the business is to work smarter with Application-Centric Service Management & Automation.  A topic we will explore in more details in this publication.



10 ways to Automate towards Smart Application Management:

Combine as many of the following elements of automation to increase IT operations efficiency of managing enterprise application service levels:

  1. 360-degree view of Application Environment
  2. Availability and Performance Monitoring
  3. Root-cause Analysis
  4. Service Impact Awareness
  5. Automated Admin Scripts and Jobs
  6. Self-healing Automated Recovery
  7. Digitized Complex IT Processes
  8. Synthetic Transaction Management
  9. Dynamic Service Level Management



SAP has been putting alot of emphasis on Run Simple and with that IT is still very complex and under staffed.  The answer to that by SAP has been to Run IT as a Factory, but we all know that also takes a lot of resources.  There are ways to start automating today without big investments and the ROI are quick to realize.

How many of the 10 ways has your IT team got a handle on?

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