Day & Zimmermann Transforms SAP Operations with IT-Conductor


About Day & Zimmerman

Day & Zimmermann (Dayzim) is a family-owned company with a long-standing tradition of excellence. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dayzim specializes in construction & engineering, staffing, and defense, offering diversified services to leading corporations and government entities. With over a century of experience, Dayzim's commitment to reliability and integrity has made it a valued partner across various industries.

Dayzim's extensive operations need a complex SAP environment that handles various functions across its global business units. Managing SAP Transport Requests was a tedious, manual process, prone to errors and inefficiencies. The existing process lacked the flexibility and automation required to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of Dayzim's multifaceted operations.

IT-Conductor's Automated SAP Transport Request Management Tool

When Day & Zimmermann first turned to IT-Conductor, the challenge at hand was complex, but the goal was clear: enhance efficiency without compromising quality. What emerged from this collaboration was more than a solution; it was a partnership marked by innovation, trust, and a shared vision.

Recognizing the need for an advanced and automated solution, Dayzim turned to IT-Conductor's Automated SAP Transport Request Management tool. This tool, which operates through process definitions and resembles SAP ChaRM, presented an innovative solution to Dayzim's challenges.

Implementation and Deployment

IT-Conductor's team implemented the tool tailored to Dayzim’s unique SAP landscape. The system was designed to handle everything from approval processes to the deployment and import of transports, providing Dayzim with a seamless transition from manual to automated operations.

transport_request_workflowFigure 1: Transport Request Workflow

Monitoring and Insights

IT-Conductor's tool provided real-time monitoring capabilities, enabling Dayzim to have clear visibility into the status of transport requests. This transparency allowed for more informed decision-making and preemptive action to prevent potential issues.


Figure 2: SAP Change Management Dashboard

Notifications & Alerts in IT-Conductor's Workflow

Workflow Creation Alert

Once a workflow is created within the IT-Conductor tool, an immediate alert is triggered. This alert, sent via email, ensures that relevant stakeholders are informed promptly about the initiation of a new SAP Transport Request. Timely notifications mean that no request goes unnoticed, ensuring timely interventions and actions.


Figure 3: IT-Conductor Notification Email

Approval Process Notification

When a transport request is up for approval, the designated approver receives an alert notifying them of the pending action. This notification is not just a prompt but also contains a direct link to the IT-Conductor tool.

Upon logging into IT-Conductor, the approver is presented with a comprehensive overview of the transport request, enabling them to make informed decisions. In this option, they have the flexibility to either approve or decline the transport request.

Daily Report

IT-Conductor delivers weekly reports directly to customers, providing them with an overview of transport requests.

  1. Number of Transport Requests: A count of how many transport requests were initiated, approved, or declined in the past 7 days.

  2. User Insights: Highlighting which users requested transport requests, giving customers a sense of who was behind the operations and decisions.

  3. System Overview: A breakdown of which systems were involved, helping customers understand where most of the activity was centered.

  4. Status Highlights: A quick snapshot of any pending requests, successful implementations, or encountered issues, allowing customers to anticipate potential impacts or changes.

  5. Links to Detailed Views: For customers who wished to delve deeper, the report included direct links to the IT-Conductor tool, offering a comprehensive view of the transport requests.


Figure 4: Tenant Overview

Obtained Benefits

The benefits of implementing the IT-Conductor's Automated SAP Transport Request Management tool:

  1. Streamlined Operations: Automation allowed for rapid processing and deployment of SAP Transport Requests, enhancing efficiency across Dayzim's various business units.

  2. Improved Collaboration: The solution boosted teamwork between development, quality assurance, and production teams.

  3. Enhanced Compliance: Dayzim can now easily adhere to industry standards thanks to the tool's built-in reporting capabilities.

  4. Cost-Effectiveness: By reducing manual effort and minimizing errors, Dayzim realized significant cost savings.

SAP Operations Transformation with IT-Conductor

IT-Conductor didn't just offer a tool; they provided understanding, flexibility, and a commitment to Dayzim's unique needs. They listened and adapted, turning a technological challenge into a pathway for growth. Their Automated SAP Transport Request Management tool wasn’t a one-size-fits-all answer but a customized response to Dayzim's specific operations.

In the end, it's not just about technology or innovation; it's about people coming together, understanding each other, and building something that makes a difference.