IT-Conductor Enables BGP Managed Services Provider to Automate S/4HANA Migration to AWS

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For 35 years, BGP has been offering consulting, services, and software platforms in the areas managed by CFOs and CIOs relating to the design, construction, and management of corporate information systems, taking as a starting point the specific needs of the functional and industry sectors, to provide complete ERP, Analytics, Performance Management and Managed Services solutions, enabling Management to make conscious decisions in line with the state of the art opportunities offered by technological evolution, in Cloud and On-Premise, developing Cloud Native applications that extend standard solutions using Blockchain, AI, ML, RPA and IoT technologies to automate activities and increase control and granularity of data.

Over 330 employees, over 300 technological and application certifications in Administration, Finance, Control, Logistics and Production, Treasury and Insurance solutions development, and extensive Utilities and Fashion experience.

Since 1997, we have been part of the SAP partnership program as a Service Partner and have several Recognized Expertise designations. Since 2015, we have also been VAR Partners with PCOE Certification.

Business Challenge

BGP has dealt with traditional migration processes and their complexities through the years. Some of the challenges faced in traditional migration processes were the following:

  • Cloud migrations are complex, and not having a clear strategy can lead to failures that impact business objectives and result in higher operational costs.

  • Migration processes are time-consuming due to their manual nature and are more prone to errors.

  • High downtime periods

Migration Risks - IT-Conductor

Figure 1: Traditional Migration Risks


A Powerful Cooperation

BGP and IT-Conductor innovation initiatives are tapping SAP on AWS to enhance agility, flexibility, and scalability for migration processes. IT-Conductor platform offers automated migration services to help its customers deliver simpler and faster deployments with a clear strategy and reduce time efforts.

IT-Conductor’s goal is to deliver end-to-end automated migration cycles that can be completed in a reduced timelapse compared to traditional migration.

Our automation approach for BGP’s migration scenario was executed in 5 stages:

  1. Discovery of source systems leveraged automation through our LMBD tool

  2. Distilling the source environment to the on-premises baseline

  3. Design of the target environment and migration approach

  4. Developing the customization of best-practices automation templates for provisioning via Terraform and Ansible playbooks

  5. Deploying the automation to create target systems and migrating data from on-premises to AWS.

IT-Conductor and BGP worked in a real use-case scenario to deliver end-to-end S/4HANA 2021 from on-premises to AWS. We addressed business challenges by leveraging and customizing existing process definition templates for automated migration.

Thanks to IT-Conductor, we were able to realize a migration POC of an SAP system for our customer (from On-prem to AWS) in a fast, safe, repeatable way; obtaining a single-step redesign of the SAP environment, OS and DB upgrades, and savings in infrastructure costs.

- Pierfrancesco Cocco, Delivery Team Leader, BGP

SAP Migration Automation

BGP collaborated with IT-Conductor to develop robust strategies and solutions that meet the needs of our customers as they embark on their digital transformation journey.

IT-Conductor’s tool for Automated SAP Landscape Discovery reduced the time and effort to design the target system requirements for a proper assessment before the migration.

This automation used the HANA replication (HSR) approach, and the process was automated to migrate the data from the source to the target system on AWS for S/4HANA 2021. The deployment was leveraged with Terraform and Ansible scripts integrated with IT-Conductor.

Reference Architecture

Several services from AWS and IT-Conductor were used to deploy the infrastructure and software.

AWS Migration Architecture for BGP

Figure 2: AWS Migration Architecture for BGP


Orchestration Workflow using IT-Conductor

With the IT-Conductor Gateway deployed in BGP’s on-premises infrastructure, the IT-Conductor tool for LMDB enables the discovery of all BGP SAP landscape components to export landscape inventory data and for migration assessments (compute, storage, and networking profiles).

LMDB Discovery on BGP Landscape

Figure 3: LMDB Discovery on BGP Landscape

Once the target systems are added to the BGP Tenant to be managed and monitored from LMDB, process definitions are added to the BGP Tenant to start with our automated migration process.

BGP Tenant GridFigure 4: BGP Tenant Grid


Several process definitions are added to the BGP tenant to provision the Virtual Machine for S/4HANA 2021 in AWS and install the SAP APP Server and HANA Database.

Tenant Process Definitions-1

Figure 5: Tenant Process Definitions


Provisioning and Installation Process DefinitionFigure 6: Provisioning and Installation Process Definition


HANA Replication prerequisites are checked before the deployment of the replication to ensure software components are matched.

HANA Replication Process DefinitionFigure 7: HANA Replication Process Definition

After successfully replicating the database via HANA System Replication (HSR) automation, the migrated S/4 system and database are added to IT-Conductor to be monitored as part of the performance and configuration validation before customer operation. The system performance can be easily compared side-by-side to baselines taken from IT-Conductor on the source system during the Distill stage of the project. 24x7 SAP operations are fully monitored and managed by IT-Conductor.

BGP DashboardFigure 8: BGP Dashboard


Automated Migration from Source to Target

Figure 9: Automated Migration from Source to Target

We are proud to offer enhanced platform services to deliver end-to-end migration from on/premises to the cloud for migration and managed services partners such as BGP. Beyond just migrations, IT-Conductor extends automated monitoring, management, and orchestration for applications using our cloud-first patented platform, taking the challenge to a whole new level of intelligence and delivering scalable benefits to BGP and its customers.

- Linh Nguyen, CEO & Co-founder, IT-Conductor

Application Performance Management

As part of BGP’s digital transformation journey, IT-Conductor provides Application Performance Management to guarantee that their applications are in good health and high performance when running applications on the cloud.

Systems can be managed through IT-Conductor and requested through the service catalog. Some of the IT-Conductor services include SID Start/Stop, Kernel Update, SAP Host Agent Update, Backup administration, and more.

Keeping track of performance trends is essential for organizations, and alerting in case of any failure is important for daily operations and finding root cause analysis to avoid system outages.

As part of the IT-Conductor and BGP collaboration, system migrations were added to IT-Conductor for monitoring and orchestrating.

HANA DB System in IT-Conductor

Figure 10: HANA DB System in IT-Conductor


Supported Migration Databases

Supported Databases for Migration Available in IT-Conductor

Figure 11: Supported Databases for Migration Available in IT-Conductor


Benefits Delivered

  • A traditional SAP S/4 HANA system migration typically takes 3 weeks from assessment to deployment and migration. With IT-Conductor, BGP could reduce the time to less than 24 hours.

  • Migration demonstrated consolidation and rehosting from two on-premise VMs to a single VM in the AWS cloud, which can quickly meet a balanced performance and cost objective.

  • IT-Conductor automation scripts reduced 80% of the manual tracking and effort, as well as providing auditing of the deployment and migration process at every stage, which is useful for operations and compliance purposes.

  • Automated migration reduced business downtime by 90% since most stages, except for the final cutover, can be achieved without application outage.

  • With a single step during the automated migration, we also obtained:

    • HW refresh

    • OS release Update

    • DB release Update

    • Very small manual effort needed

Benefits of IT-Conductor Automated MigrationFigure 12: Benefits of IT-Conductor Automated Migration



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