OZSoft Has Teamed Up With IT-Conductor to Deliver Automated IT Service Management


About OZSoft

OZSOFT Consulting has been in the business of SAP implementations, upgrades, and performance since 1996. It has achieved multi-year Advanced-level   SAP® certification for operations capabilities in hosting operations and SAP HANA® operations.
OZSOFT uses a powerful automation platform and methods to migrate, host, administer, and support SAP applications for enterprises globally.
OZSOFT end-to-end strategy focuses primarily on:
  • Automation – IT operation processes, provisioning, DevOps
  • Monitoring – Service discovery, Application Performance Management
  • Managing – migration, life cycle, orchestrated operations
  • Optimizing – Well-Architected Framework (Cost Optimization, Operations Excellence, Performance Efficiency, Reliability & Security)

OZSOFT has partnered with IT-Conductor to deliver application performance management, automation, monitoring, and orchestration services to customers and bring operations to a whole new level, where preventing bottlenecks and system outages are key and performance trends are very easy to detect without even logging into the system.

The Challenges

OZSOFT Consulting has dealt with the pain of large infrastructures where complex SAP System landscapes must be managed and manual tasks become time-consuming for administrators, making them more error-prone which can lead to interruptions and system failures. With more than 20 years of expertise, OZSOFT has identified the most common pains in maintaining healthy systems with high performance and helping customers in their journey to the cloud.

Customer Pain Points

To manage the SAP system landscapes of our several customers, we have dealt with their pain points such as:

  • Manually checking the health of SAP systems and different types of databases.
  • Manually monitoring unsuccessful batch jobs.
  • Manually tracking certificates that are about to expire and might cause a business interruption.
  • Migrating systems to Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure while performing continuous monitoring.
  • Identifying root-cause of system failures.

The Solutions

To address these issues, IT-Conductor collaborated with   OZSOFT to create a solid strategy and solutions that will meet their demands as our customers embark on their digital transformation path.
Our customers are involved in every stage of their cloud journey, beginning with the remote administration of their on-premises system. Even for clients who are not yet ready to migrate, this can lead to a potential pipeline.
To provide end-to-end IT service management, OZSOFT has partnered with IT-Conductor. With IT-Conductor’s agentless platform, we have managed performance in real time. Routine IT operations, system refresh, root-cause investigation, and active recovery can now be automated using the platform.

With the help of the migration procedure, OZSOFT expertise and IT-Conductor automation approach provide accurate sizing and migration assessment for an efficient target environment and reduce the cost of IT infrastructure, application management systems, upgrades, and migration for our customers.

When deployed together, SAP operations may be managed efficiently with a single tool and without the need for additional resources. We have helped several customers such as Medtronic, Chevron, T-Systems, Zuellig Pharma, IDEXX Laboratories to achieve high-performance operations.

- Linh Nguyen, Vice President & Co-founder, OZSOFT Consulting

Automated Migration

Our automation approach is followed by five phases:

  1. Discovery of source systems
  2. Distilling the source environment to the on-premise baseline
  3. Design of the target environment and migration approach
  4. Developing the customization of best-practices automation templates for provisioning
  5. Deploying the automation to create target systems and migrating data from on-premises to the cloud.

SAP to Cloud Migration JourneyFigure 1: SAP to Cloud Migration Journey

As part of our migration automated process, we have leveraged automation through our LMBD tool, where we discover all SAP Landscape components. It may be used to export landscape inventory data as well as for migration evaluations (compute, storage, and networking profiles) and pre-populating essential parameters or values during the resource provisioning/deployment phase.

For the designing phase, as all of the components from the source system were discovered in the previous phase, we can export server elements needed for migration criteria, so automation can take place in this phase to design the future stage of the system.

Once designed, for the developing phase, we started building process definitions that can be utilized as standard automation procedures for transferring databases to the cloud to assist enterprises overcome this barrier. This process definition is used as a template for procedures that may be scheduled to be run later in time. Actions can be executed automatically by scheduling them on the backend or manually through the Process definition window. It is designed to eliminate complications when executing several tasks in SAP systems. While a process definition is running, you can observe the progress right away since each activity's color changes to green when it is completed.

IT-Conductor platform integrates with Terraform to deploy virtual machines, pull scripts from repositories, and execute jobs as part of the provisioning to migrate to any cloud. Migration activities are programmed using Ansible scripts, working together with Terraform through the process definition to automate the deployment phase. IT-Conductor operations in general may include everything from SQL to shell script. For further information, you can refer to the following video: IT-Conductor Demo - Automated Oracle Database Migration.

End-to-End Migration Scenarios

OZSOFT, with the IT-Conductor platform, supports several database scenarios to be migrated with automation, as you can see in the following graphic, our process definitions are flexible and adaptable to be used on AWS, Azure, and GCP. Automation is possible through almost all our migration phases, very few steps must be performed manually.

Migration Scenarios MatrixFigure 2: Migration Scenarios Matrix


With IT-Conductor we simplify and optimize operational efficiency through our agentless automation approach for Application Performance Management (APM) where the services are highly customizable and adaptive to the business needs. In turn, offering high service delivery for customers and Managed Services Providers (MSP) using SAP technologies, enabling efficient applications with minimal disruptions.

IT-Conductor has also enabled OZSOFT to offer its MSP service catalog to projects with high impacts, such as cloud migration automation.

- David Stavisski, CTO & Co-founder, IT-Conductor


  • Automate multiple stages of cloud migration projects
  • Utilize cutting-edge technologies to enhance and accelerate performance.
  • Significantly reduce the time of identifying system bottlenecks.
  • Gain valuable experience in managing day-to-day operations
  • Flexible and quickly grows as a customer's environment evolves. 
  • Easy deployment of applications for monitoring insights.
  • Greater agility in the delivery of the Company’s strategy and scalability to quickly manage the growth plan
  • Reduces the cost of IT Infrastructure
  • Reduces the cost of application management systems.
  • Reduces the cost of upgrade and migration by leveraging best practices automation blueprints


Time-Savings in deployment for migration process with IT-Conductor

Figure 3: Time Savings in Migration with IT-Conductor