IT Administrators & Site Reliability Engineers


Monitor & Manage Systems, Enhance Observability, and Automate IT Processes to Drive Operational Optimization

Manage systems more efficiently and effectively, enhance observability, and increase the reliability of your systems to minimize unplanned outages and maximize performance.

IT Administrator

  • 360° view of the Application Environment
  • Performance Monitoring & Optimization
  • Automate System Observability and RCA
  • Schedule Maintenance Activities
  • Policy-based Recovery to Self-heal Systems
  • Manage Scripts and Batch Jobs
  • Automate Infrastructure as Code Deployments

Site Reliability Engineer

  • High-level Service Grid and Dashboard
  • Digitize Complex IT Processes
  • Service Impact Awareness
  • CI/CD Pipeline Integration
  • Performance Testing
  • SLA/OLA Monitoring
  • Incident Management and Response