Medtronic is the largest medical device company in the world, and provides medical technologies to treat chronic disease. It has more than 90,000 employees across 150 countries, and runs on SAP to connect its enterprise platforms. Medtronic Diabetes, a division of Medtronic chose IT-Conductor to monitor their SAP infrastructure.  It had a list of requirements to automate some of the repetitive tasks performed by their admins, to free up time for projects such as upgrades.  Some of these automation includes:

    • Job monitoring and automatic restarts
    • Critical application availability and performance monitoring
    • Automated unlock of users
    • Monitoring for SMTP Exchange (e.g. Availability, Failed E-Mails)
    • Extensive RFC queue monitoring
    • Monitoring and auto-restart of printers in error status
    • Oracle and MaxDB monitoring
    • Linux process monitoring
    • SAP R/3 syslog monitoring
    • Transport monitoring and Change Management automation in SAP landscape
    • Workload monitoring and reporting of specific end-user transactions for multiple critical business processes

Since 2017, IT-Conductor has been automating the enterprise monitoring of over 20 SAP systems for Medtronic Diabetes, including several types of databases - MaxDB, Oracle with SAP products that ranges from CRM, SRM, ECC, SCM, BW and system components (e.g. ABAP, JAVA, PI.. more…), even non-SAP applications such as GE Centricity.

The implementation of the monitoring tool was simple and easy. “We had the monitoring of our systems up and running within minutes, and no additional cost or installation was needed except for a couple of small servers for their gateway. Extensive training was not needed to use the tool, and neither was a dedicated resource for maintaining the monitoring of the system. IT-Conductor even had pre-defined thresholds based on best practices and were fully operational once a system was registered for management.”  said Mohan Khedagi, Sr. SAP Technical Lead.


IT-Conductor - easy monitoring tool implementation


Team members couldn’t believe everything was set up already, considering the weeks of time it typically takes from our previous tools from SAP and BMC.

The dashboard acts as a single source of truth, showing all components of the landscape (servers, DBMS, SAP system), along with color-coded status status displays. 


IT-Conductor - single source of truth dashboard


Instead of going to different places, running several LINUX commands, Oracle SQL and ABAP transactions as was previously done, IT-Conductor’s drill-down feature shows any component of the SAP system, e.g. what application servers, enqueue lock, user counts, etc... This allowed team members to learn more about the landscape and to aid in troubleshooting and performance analysis. 


IT-Conductor drill down features


Role-based features and dashboards can control what a user can do and see within the landscape, while administrators will have more authority. With IT-Conductor, users do not need to log in to the application servers and issue several commands, they can now receive all of the information in one place, along with alerts if objects exceed the defined threshold.  Often only a single-click was needed to highlight the root-cause of issues in the monitored application. 

IT-Conductor was able to automate 70% of the change management process by using transport automation to coordinate efforts of all stakeholders within a project. The manual process Medtronic previously used was time consuming and decentralized: SAP experts were importing requests one by one, sending messages, waiting for successful imports, and checking transport logs. Now the entire approval workflow is automated and stakeholders are sent notifications when requests or imports are complete. IT-Conductor adapted the transport automation feature to suit Medtronics’ processes to ensure synchronization and compatibility, while reducing risks in performing mission critical operations. 


IT-Conductor self-service automates SAP change management


IT-Conductor SID-RefreshTM helped simplify and automate the quarterly system refresh that is required by SAP with reduced downtime. Medtronic needed a tool to refresh technical data and configuration on QA systems for ECC, CRM and BW systems.  It was using admins to manually take snapshots of the configuration to recreate environments, which was very labor intensive and error-prone, leading to less frequent refreshes that had more dramatic impact on the project teams. With SID-Refresh, the Post-copy Automation is used to restore all the technical configuration effortlessly, which also includes other automation features that Medtronic found helpful:

    • Cleanup of Operating System Monitoring Data (ST03N)
    • Cleanup of CCMS Configuration (RZ20, RZ21)
    • Cleanup of CCMS History (CCMSHISTORY)
    • Cleanup of Selected ABAP Basis Tables (OTHERS)
    • Cleanup of DBA Cockpit Configuration (DBACOCKPIT)
    • Cleanup of RFC Inbound Queue Configuration (SMQ2)
    • Cleanup of Background RFC (SBGRFCMON)
    • Cleanup of SAPconnect Data (SCOT)
    • Cleanup of Spool Requests and Logs (SP01)
    • Cleanup of TMS Configuration (STMS)
    • Cleanup of RFC Outbound Queue Configuration (SM58, SMQ1)
    • Cleanup of Batch-Input Data and Configuration (SM35)
    • Cleanup of Web Service Configuration (SOAMANAGER)
    • Cleanup of Integration Engine Runtime Data (SXMB_ADM)

The selected options were saved on initial use, and could be reused on subsequent executions of the refresh, in scripted unattended mode.

IT-Conductor SID-Refresh integration workflow for SAP system refresh

"Overall,  IT-Conductor has been a tremendous value to us in ensuring the stability of our system. The tool and service proved itself to be innovative and flexible with the included features and enhancements that were developed. It has helped us save costs with infrastructure since we do not need to invest in additional hardware, a cost that would have been incurred with an alternative monitoring product. Automation is crucial to change management, and your SAP tools should be doing this for you. Experts should only get involved in a small number of circumstances when issues arise." said Manzar Qureshi, Sr. IT Manager - SAP Operations.

About IT-Conductor

IT-Conductor is a fully managed software-as-a-service automation platform for remote agentless monitoring, performance management, and IT operations for SAP solutions. When automating application performance management, global enterprise customers gained a valuable global remote trusted advisor for the entire SAP ecosystem, focusing on: - IT process automation/SysOps (apps, database, OS, cloud infrastructure) - Application, IT, and security monitoring (on premise, cloud, and hybrid) - Enterprise service management (application health, SLA management, service desk) - Real-time reporting and analytics (performance intelligence).

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