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Automated Migration for SAP on MSSQL to AWS

IT-Conductor has developed several solutions to help organizations in their digital transformation, working on automating the most complex and time-consuming tasks. In the continuous process of adding new solutions to the IT-Conductor’s service catalog and working in partnership with different cloud providers, a solution to automate the process of migrating SAP on MSSQL to AWS has been developed.  In this blog post, we will walk you through each step of the VM provisioning, the SAP installation process on Windows Server 2019 and MSSQL, ...

Mar 8 | Claudia Yanez

IT-Conductor Cloud-based APM Now Available on SAP Store

We are happy to announce via SAP Partner Press Release that our IT-Conductor Cloud-based Application Management solution is now available for online ...

Mar 17 | Claudia Yanez

Monitoring SAP Data Services with IT-Conductor

In the world of data integration and near real-time analytics, SAP Data Services (also known as BODS which stands for BusinessObjects Data Services) ...

Nov 11 | Claudia Yanez