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SAP HANA Distributed System - Guide to Scale Out, HA and Monitor HANA

 Setting up Scale Out, High Availability and Monitor HANA HANA scale out is unlike other database platforms, it can be simple but complex at the same time.  Depending on the scenario, the in-memory nature of HANA services, the persistence layers and optional multi-tenancy (Multi-tenant Database Container - MDC), it can get complicated pretty fast.  The table distribution across systems and table partitioning can further add to the complexity.  In the next several publications, we'll set out to cover the installation, configuration, testing, ...

Nov 1 | Terry Kempis

Is Your SAP HANA Highly Available?

Pull out your SAP HANA Technical Operations Manual for the latest SPS09 release and you will find section 2.4 about Monitoring the SAP HANA Database, ...

Jan 13 | Linh Nguyen