Workflow Automation for SAP IT Operations


Simplify your processes through seamless integration with our remote and agentless cloud platform as your automation partner

Enjoy the benefits of IT-Conductor™ as a cloud-based solution.

Our Software-as-a-Service platform allows you to start managing your SAP landscape almost instantly without the need to install additional infrastructure components. Design, build, and deploy automated solutions at cloud speed!

What is Workflow Automation?

Workflow automation is establishing a series of tasks based on preset rules and automatically triggering and rerouting these tasks among different teams or task owners to complete one transaction. Implementing workflow automation in your environment will help you achieve the following:

  • Remove manual and repetitive tasks
  • Improve process execution and have better process outcomes
  • Improve business agility
  • Minimize risks
  • Save operational costs
  • Secure and recover data
  • Enhance compliance

Why Should You Care?

Despite repeated efforts to optimize SAP IT operations, several organizations still fail to implement solutions that would cater to the technical complexities involved in managing SAP systems and their underlying infrastructure. This is because most third-party tools available in the market today do not fully integrate legacy applications with disruptive technologies like cloud computing.

With IT-Conductor™, integration between different applications in varying environments is a lot easier to implement because the platform utilizes a massively parallel processing engine to coordinate complex IT processes across open platforms and applications.

Take Control of Your IT Operations and Discover the Power of Automation

Highly Customizable Process Composer

Build solutions that adapt to changing business requirements. Leverage the built-in process composer to orchestrate application native activities such as SAP jobs, SQL queries and stored procedures, Linux/UNIX shell commands and scripts, web services, APIs, and many more.

Cross-platform Automation

Automate processes and integrate different systems in one workflow, lowering management overhead. Deploy solutions that are designed to run in a wide variety of applications, different hardware platforms, and varying software architectures.

Robust Workflow Automation Engine

Accelerate IT operations through digital workflows without compromising on system performance. The platform utilizes a robust framework to run multiple workflows in batch, increasing operational efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Low-code Automation

Easily automate processes using the platform’s drag-and-drop feature. Leverage the wide and growing list of activities in the platform to perform tasks. Build workflows similar to building flowcharts, capturing the dependencies between operational tasks.


Centralized Workflow Management

Manage all your workflows in one place, making your automated solutions easily accessible when you need them the most. Easily run workflows on-demand or utilize the built-in scheduler to execute workflows at a specific time and date.

Workflow Visibility

Track running workflows in real-time with activity statuses, event logs, and targeted notifications. Leverage the integrated dashboard and reporting features of the platform to get system performance insights and respond quickly when things go wrong.

two-gearWhere to Start

Complex environments are non-linear, so workflow automation is your best choice to automate IT operations.

Here are some common scenarios where you can start using workflow automation:

  • Centralized scripts to replace local schedulers like crontab
  • Housekeeping jobs in SAP, databases and operating systems
  • Mass operations such as system startup and shutdown
  • System Refresh Post-copy Automation (PCA) used in conjunction with ITC SID-Refresh

The Best Time to Automate is NOW.

Stop doing mundane and repetitive tasks

Keeping the lights on doesn't always mean having to do it on your own. Make technology work for you, not against you.