Advanced SAP Monitoring Features by IT-Conductor

   CCMS Alerts Categories and Details


IT-Conductor is a SaaS platform which intelligently orchestrates complex IT operations, saving SAP customers up to 90% of time and cost of SAP Monitoring and Application Performance Management.

IT-Conductor simplifies monitoring of SAP products (e.g. ABAP, BOBJ, PO) based on different types of DBMS (e.g. ASE, HANA, Oracle, DB2, MS*SQLServer), and add-on components (e.g. SLT, RFC).

Service Grid - SAP Monitoring Ecossytem by IT-Conductor

  • Drill-down feature
  • SQL Jobs
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  • CCMS Alert


Additional Features/Tools

IT-Conductor, in addition to its workload monitoring capability, also has several features and tools to make simpler and better monitoring analysis. This document is the first-part presentation of these features/tools.

Drill-down Feature

The drill-down feature of the tool allows simple navigation and display of more detail information for in-depth analysis, by simply clicking an any item.

IT-Conductor Drill-down feature

SQL Jobs

This feature provides the ability to run SQL queries (against object that the account is authorized) from the IT-Conductor. For example, a SQL from the OSS note 1969700 (SQL statement Collection for SAP HANA)Automation of SQL Jobs

...or from 1438410 (SQL script collection for Oracle).

SQL Results can be:

  1. Sent by e-mail
  2. Archived for future references, (and specify retention)

IT-Conductor SQL Activity Editor


Log Backup Activity Detail

Key Performance Indicator Report

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) report can be created easily within IT-Conductor.  Any collected statistics can be selected as part of the KPI report – this allows a quick grasp of the system.  The interval can be set and the timeframe can be selected to go back to history.  Drill-down at any item/time for more analysis. 


Some selected KPIs:

Top SQLSQL Details


DB Request Time

DB Request Times

Front-end Response TimeFront-end Response Time

Key Performance Indicator Report

Key Performance Indicator Report

CCMS Alerts

Selected CCMS alert categories can be captured and displayed in the IT-Conductor, allowing a complete navigational view of the system from a single page, with drill down feature for detail analysis.

CCMS Alerts Categories and Details

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