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Automated Snoozing of SAP Systems - Why Should You Care?

Starting and stopping SAP systems involve complex executions. Learn how you can simplify your administrative efforts with automated snoozing. SAP is a vital component in most organizations worldwide as it allows better communication and efficient data management across different departments. As it is necessary for applications and devices to be functional and updated all the time, it is also highly recommended that SAP systems are well-maintained and optimized. In a large environment, it usually involves a lot of people to shut down for ...

Mar 30 | Danica Esteban

SAP Monitoring Solutions in 2021 – What’s the Latest?

Manage and monitor your SAP environment efficiently and effectively. Learn what’s the latest with IT-Conductor as an SAP Monitoring Solution in 2021. ...

Mar 17 | Danica Esteban

Compare the Latest HANA Monitoring and SAP Monitoring Solutions

How time flies when you're busy innovating!  It's almost 6 years since we published the guide How to Select your SAP Monitoring Tools in 2015 and ...

Mar 11 | Linh Nguyen