Demystifying SAP on Azure



It's been a year since we last updated about our effort with SAP on Azure when we demonstrated how we remotely monitor and agentlessly manage S/4HANA on Azure.

Since then, more customers have migrated or began their journey with SAP on Azure, and IT-Conductor has continued to innovate our solution making it easier for SAP monitoring and managing SAP performance on virtual private cloud environments.


To help demystify the SAP on Azure journey, we've joined force with a few partners and customers for a series of roadshow events.  One such marquee customer featured on Microsoft's SAP on Azure page is Coats


  • Advantages of running SAP on Azure, typical use cases and benefits, and cost analysis
  • Coats journey of SAP Migration to Azure and to SAP HANA
  • Integrating Security with your cloud strategy
  • How to get an accelerated, safe & cost effective migration
  • SAP operations on the cloud: Automation, Monitoring and Performance management
  • Discussion with our customers on their successful migration experiences & lessons learned

IT-Conductor and Azure

We've added discovery, monitoring and automation of the Azure resources to allow:

  • SAP application and component discovery
  • Azure infrastructure components support: Virtual Network, Virtual Machines and Virtual Storage
  • Automation: Stop, Start, Restart, Commands on demand or by schedule

Want to discuss about your SAP journey to the cloud for deployment, migrations, and operations?


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