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HanaHaus Hangout

Posted by Linh Nguyen on Mar 18, 2015 2:45:00 AM

HanaHaus for Startups and Innovation

When you're working in an early-stage tech startup, it can feel like you're stuck inside a box trying to get a million things done on a tiny or non-existing budget, that typically translates to endless hours of work which sometimes can turn your passion into a grind. Well, every now and then one needs to step out for a different kind of grind, the coffee variety. What better way to do it than to mix the café society with the startup and innovation, and that's what SAP opened this week at HanaHaus in Palo Alto , California, the epicenter of innovative minds and startup culture in Silicon Valley.


HanaHaus Courtyard

I had the opportunity to attend the grand opening of HanaHaus on Tuesday March 17th 2015, St. Patrick's Day. Lucky indeed that there's a place like this accessible in Silicon valley and will be open to the public on Thursday March 19th, right in the heart of downtown Palo Alto. The vision and idea behind HanaHaus came from SAP's co-founder and Chairman Hasso Plattner, to provide the community a space where people and ideas can come together in an open networking and social atmosphere. This can especially be important for startups that don't even have an office yet.


HanaHaus Theater


HanaHaus meeting rooms, restored feel of the historical New Varsity Theater

According to a postcard at the grand opening, here's What to do at HanaHaus:


Blue Bottle Coffee Cappuccino
  • Drink a cup of Blue Bottle coffee
  • Have an expresso drink
  • Eat a pastry
  • Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Hold a meeting
  • Get some work done
  • Find a refuge or some inspiration
  • Hear a great speaker
  • Listen to music
  • Attend a special event
  • Ask for input on a technical challenge
  • Get support for your latest idea
  • Attend a workshop or Meet-up
  • Check out an innovation showcase
  • Learn about design thinking
  • Brainstorm
  • Make something
  • Talk with someone you've just met
  • Daydream in a quiet corner


Blue Bottle Coffee - Vacuum Preparation Method

After visiting the grand opening, I would add to the list:

  • Find a co-founder or members of your startup team
  • Deliver or attend a Startup Pitch
  • Meet potential investors

One does not need to be a member to drop in and use the space, which has free areas for cafe patron, or $3/hour for individual seating. Individual workspaces can be reserved. Meeting rooms can also be reserved, though the cost probably depends on the size of the rooms.

The feel of HanaHaus is like a Startup incubator space meets an internet Café meets AWS Pop-up Loft meets an Apple Genius Bar. Who knows when and where the next big startup will come from, but HanaHaus maybe part of those stories in the future Silicon valley. I'm not sure what measures of success SAP is gauging for this venture, but I'm sure more HanaHaus are planned for other locations worldwide. I'll certainly be hanging out at the Palo Alto one, who knows maybe I'll find our next customer or investor there while sipping on Blue Bottle coffee!


HanaHaus Reception Signin Area
Linh Nguyen

Written by Linh Nguyen

Linh was born in democratic Vietnam, escaped from the communist after the war as a boat-people refugee to Malaysia, subsequently immigrated to Australia where he attended high-school and completed dual-degrees in Computer Science & Computer Engineering in just 5 years. He started SAP career in Melbourne, then came to the US in the mid-1990s as a SAP technical consultant. He built a software and consulting company in Silicon Valley in 1996 named OZSoft and has been an entrepreneur with a passion to automate IT processes. In 2014, he started IT-Conductor, Inc. as CEO and co-founder along with David Stavisski, with the goal to help IT organizations to Stop Guessing and Start Managing by automating IT operations using a cloud-based platform IT-Conductor.

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