IT-Conductor Latest Automation Features Q2-2022


Welcome to the Q2-2022 edition of IT-Conductor’s latest automation features. This edition covers tools you can use for automation, migration, and management of SAP software downloads. They are also functional in cloud migration, technical project activities, and system performance improvement. As our days warm up, you can rest assured that the engines that drive your businesses are monitored, managed, and automated by IT-Conductor.

Monitoring and Analysis of SAP Long-running Transactions/Expensive SQL Statements

Having to grapple with the problem of poor system performance and excessive consumption of system resources without visibility into the cause of the problem can be frustrating and problematic for optimal system operations. An unchecked drag on the system can affect system response time and slow down operations considerably.

IT-Conductor solution goes beyond just monitoring and alerting to provide you with deep insight into the root cause of long-running SAP transactions and expensive SQL statements that can impact system performance. Right from receiving a warning alert notification in your e-mail, with just a click of a button, you can deep dive into the context of the alert and further drill down to the granular details of the possible cause of the problem. You can begin your analysis from the pop-up charts in the IT-Conductor Service grid and further widen your scope by leveraging IT-Conductor Health explorer and custom scripts that you can execute on the fly for detailed analysis. Also, you have the option of defining recovery actions that are triggered each time a threshold is breached as a result of a system issue. This helps to avoid unwanted system disruption.

In-flight Time
 Figure 1: In-flight Time

For more details, please read SAP Monitoring Long-running Transaction and Expensive SQL Analysis.

Team-based Central SAP Download Manager

This new feature has use cases for users utilizing the SAP software downloads. It supports multiple individual baskets and uses S-User credentials for authentication.

It works by simply adding items to your SAP download basket which subsequently appear in the IT-Conductor Download Manager almost immediately and are ready for download.

This helps to avoid duplication of data which unnecessarily increases the volume of data storage, increases the cost of data storage, and creates complexity in data management.

Downloads can begin as the items are added to the basket or scheduled to run at a later time when there is less load on the network. Item logs are available for troubleshooting and audit purposes, and the item list shows the current status of the files in the basket.

By incorporating this new feature in your enterprise, users will experience efficient data management due to a common repository for deployment activities and expiration policy.

IT-Conductor SAP Download Manager
 Figure 2: IT-Conductor SAP Download Manager

For more details, please read Team-based Central SAP Download Manager.


To meet the growing demand for automating migrations, we've come up with the concept of Blueprint, which is a tool for designing the future state of your systems. This is a part of a set of tools designed by the IT-Conductor team for application migrations. It is used to construct the blueprint of a target environment that can, later on, be used as a guide for configuring the actual environment. It is the key differentiator among existing migration tools in the market today.

The challenge of managing disparate config files and the complexity of various interfaces are abstracted when using IT-Conductor Blueprint.

It also allows the creation of a graphical design of the architectural blueprint by using a drag-n-drop functionality. The discovered environment from the monitored systems in IT-Conductor or the LMDB discovery data can be used to generate the initial blueprints. You can also export an existing monitored system into a Blueprint for subsequent migration by using the Blueprint Mappings to map Service elements from IT-Conductor Service Tree to Blueprint elements based on defined criteria.

With Blueprint, templates can be built based on best practices and adapted for each technical environment (cloud, on-prem, hybrid, etc.), while allowing the processes from Discovery to Deployment to be automated via low-code or no-code orchestration and configuration.

 IT-Conductor Blueprint
 Figure 3: IT-Conductor Blueprint

The Blueprint can be further enhanced with additional components through drag-and-drop authoring and connection of components in the Blueprint Designer that guides you through templates, standardization, connectivity, and logical design.

Visually building automation with IT-Conductor Blueprint simplifies the end-user experience and backend interaction.

Feel free to contact our support team if you would like to enable these new features in your account. For first-time visitors, feel free to sign-up for a free trial and see for yourself if IT-Conductor would best fit your needs.


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