IT-Conductor Latest Monitoring Features Q1-2019


As always, we at IT-Conductor are consistently working on expanding our service offerings and global footprint while offering innovative features and services to our global customers with a wide variety of SAP monitoring needs.

We have added to this growing list of features by introducing new monitoring features for the effective monitoring of your entire System Landscape.


A few of these newly added features include:

1) Top

Top is a task manager program found in many Unix-like operating systems that displays information about CPU and memory utilization.

IT-Conductor now has the capability of recording several metrics via top when a CPU utilization threshold is violated, providing contextual data for in-depth analysis including program, CPU idle percentage, Memory Free, Memory Used percentage, Swap Used, etc.

By clicking on the top icon, the information about your Linux system resources is displayed in a popup window in IT-Conductor, when there is a recent CPU utilization alert.


2) Services in Warning and Higher States

In the Service Grid view of IT-Conductor user interface, a new button has been added in the upper left corner of the application toolbar to show only service nodes with warning/critical states.



The status of the warning and higher states are determined by the threshold values defined for each service.

By clicking on the button all service nodes with warning/critical states are displayed for a quick zoom on the problem areas.

3) Certificates

SAP JAVA application certificates due for renewal are flagged here.

The expiration status of these certificates can be monitored using elevated roles in the monitored system. This feature enables you to know ahead of time the number of days left before the expiration of your application certificate and it counts down to the last day for renewal of the certificates while sending you alerts.


4) Process Watches

This enables the monitoring of OS Processes i.e. the number of active processes in a particular Linux System collected over some time.

This will be useful for any Linux daemon monitoring such as SAP disp+work, and Pacemaker cluster daemon monitoring.  Thresholds can alert you when the process count does not match what you expect to be running on the server.



5) Printer Monitoring

This enables the monitoring of printer availability and status such as Idle, Printing, or Disabled.

This makes for early detection of defective printers and reduces the potential impact of an inoperative printer.

In addition to monitoring printer status, IT-Conductor can also invoke recovery actions to restart the print queue if the printer status is DOWN.



Go ahead and give these new features a try in your account, or if you would like to try IT-Conductor

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