Managing and Monitoring SAP HANA 2 Active:Active System Replication


Previously we upgraded our HANA 1.0 SPS12 to HANA 2 SPS00, to test and explore new features. One of the main attractions of HANA 2 is the ability to use the DR feature of HANA System Replication (HSR) to allow the DR system to be in read-enabled mode for queries.  The advantage of this incremental feature, according to this SAP blog, is "the combination of transaction and analytical workloads are now better balanced, with the analytical workloads being placed onto the secondary system instead of being fully on the primary system".

In this presentation, we explain how this works as we put it through the test in our labs, showing how you can manage including monitoring SAP HANA 2 from both HANA Cockpit and IT-Conductor.  As the complexity of your HANA environment increases, there is an increased need to monitor all system components to ensure application availability and performance.

There is one restriction we encountered during our R&D effort is that Dynamic Tiering does not work together with a read-enabled DR system.




Managing and Monitoring HANA 2 Active:Active Read-enabled System Replication

Managing and Monitoring HANA 2 active:active with System Replication (by Terry Kempis)
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