SAP HANA 2 Upgrade & Operations: Exploring Features of the New Cockpit



HANA 2 "Database Management Transformed"

We have recently upgraded our HANA 1.0 SPS12 to HANA 2 SPS00, to test and explore new features. Note that some of the features were already part of HANA 1.0 SPS12, which we have tested, and shared the experience in the following blogs: 

There are some nice new features in the new HANA 2 cockpit which is now a stand-alone installation, so there are some additional work and resources needed for administration and monitoring of several HANA databases. It provides an aggregate 'health check' of several databases in a single glance!  

In Part 1, we'll cover the following topics from the Basis perspective:

  • Upgrade: Preparation, Update and Post-tasks
  • HANA2 Cockpit:
    • Installation
    • Configuration
    • Manager
    • Resources
    • Groups
    • Monitoring and Administration
    • Security
    • Offline Administration
    • Performance Management
    • Capture and Replay
    • SAP HANA Options

HANA 2 Upgrade and the New Cockpit

SAP HANA 2 – Upgrade and Operations Part 1 - Exploring Features of the New Cockpit (by Terry Kempis)
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