Netweaver on HANA Monitoring Setup (Part 2)


In Netweaver on HANA Monitoring Setup Part 1 of 3 (Preparation) steps were performed to allow the Solution Manager and the Managed System to communicate with each other. As a recap, the landscape consists of Solution Manager 7.1 which was previously upgraded to SPS12 including Landscape Management DB, on Windows/MSSQLServer. The systems to be managed include SAP BW 7.31 (HNA) on HANA database SPS07 (HDB), both running on SUSE Linux 11.3.

Download SolMan Monitoring NW on HANA Setup Guide

In this Part 2, the majority of the work is to configure the managed systems with these high-level steps:

  1. Assign Product
  2. Check Prerequisites
  3. Maintain RFCs (for ABAP managed system)
  4. Assign Diagnostics Agent
  5. Enter System Parameters
  6. Enter Landscape Parameters
  7. Maintain Users (for monitoring ABAP managed system)
  8. Finalize Configuration
  9. Check Configuration
  10. Complete Configuration


Obviously, the above set of steps needs to be repeated for each managed system.

In Part 3 we will finally complete Technical Monitoring Configuration for the BW on the HANA scenario and some of the available monitors

Have you tried to set up your monitoring as you followed along?

If you don't have the time or resources to set it up yourself consider a cloud-based monitoring approach with a pre-configured best-practices template from IT-Conductor.


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