Only a few years ago when a couple of IT-Conductor founders approached SAP customers about our cloud-based SAP monitoring and performance management solution, it was widely rejected primarily because enterprises were not ready to adopt cloud computing, especially in infrastructure and systems management.

Fast forward to 2014 when we were at Sapphire and Teched/d-Code, if your solution wasn't cloud-ready, it was not transformative enough. SAP on the cloud has taken off with SAP's offerings of SAP BusinessOne, HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC), and HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), as well as many acquisitions of cloud solutions such as SuccessFactors in 2011, Ariba in 2012, Hybris in 2013, Fieldglass and Concur in 2014. If you're in the SAP ecosystem, the cloud is a necessary strategy and no longer just a buzzword.

SAP on AWS: Implementation, Migration & Operations Automation

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IT-Conductor is a born-in-the-cloud service company and in the past 18 months, we have worked hard with our service partner OZSOFT which has been in the SAP implementation, upgrade, and performance business including SAP system management software since 1996, to create a joint partnership in delivering SAP on AWS services.  Why SAP on AWS?  Our depth of solutions, expertise, and partnership with SAP is clear, while our strategic partnerships (both Consulting and Technology partners) with AWS (leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) public cloud according to Gartner Magic Quadrant, Oct 12, 2015 report) provide both specialized SAP technical consulting services and technology platform to the forefront of SAP on AWS cloud solution.

With our SAP on AWS service announcement, we're immediately offering qualified customers a special 50% discount on Proof of Concept (POC) Implementation or Migration if started before 2016.

4 P's: Plan, Practice, Perform & Perfect IT

We base our processes on our methodology of Plan, Practice, Perform & Perfect IT

  • SAP Implementation: SAP Netweaver, SAP HANA, and SAP BusinessObjects architected for secure, scalable, high-performance, and availability, as well as time/cost efficiencies.
  • SAP OS/DB Migration: Certified migrations using best practices to mitigate risks and minimize downtime. Combined Upgrade and Migration support.
  • Cloud Excellence Operations: IT Process Automation increases operating efficiencies, and agility best suited for cloud services. We provide partial to fully managed services while your SAP environment runs at AWS

4 P's of Automation: Plan, Practice, Perform, Perfect IT


  • Business case
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • SAP Sizing
  • AWS Architecture Blueprint (Compute, Database, Storage, Network, Security)
  • Platform Availability Matrix (PAM)
  • Installation Planning
  • OS/DB Migration Window (if migration is involved)
  • Interface Integration Planning
  • Proof of Concept (POC)
  • SLA design
  • SLA Compliance Monitoring specification
  • SLA Reporting Requirements


  • Installation
  • Landscape Configuration
  • Sample OS/DB Migration (if migration is involved)
  • POC Performance Load Testing
  • Optimize landscape based on Load Testing findings
  • Optimize the migration process (if migration is involved)
  • Interface migration (if applicable)
  • Operation readiness training and testing
  • Dry run (Mock go-live)
  • Business validation


  • IT-Conductor Monitoring Implementation
  • IT-Conductor Automatic Remediation Procedures Implementation
  • IT-Conductor SLA Definitions
  • Acceptance Performance Load Testing
  • Go-live and/or Migration
  • Security Hardening
  • Final Business validation
  • Cutover


  • Lifecycle Management
  • SLA & Performance Reporting
  • SLA & Performance Reviews
  • Continuous Performance improvement process implementation
  • Synthetic Monitoring
  • Automate IT operational processes

For further details, please visit SAP Hosting on AWS.