SAP Performance Testing is Part Art Part Science


SAP Performance Testing Sample Results

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Achieving and maintaining good SAP Performance is no accident.  Customers spend literally millions of dollars to ensure their SAP application performs well to meet business demands.  Everything from platform, storage, network, database, configuration and business processes need to work well together.  In our SAP Performance Best Practices, we outline in Phase 3: Plan, Build Deploy and Test.  Many customers do well in Plan, Build and Deploy but simply don't Test well.   Perhaps testing is difficult and the challenges are plenty especially with web, Fiori, Mobile and SAPGUI - thus part art part science, so they spend more energy doing what they do best and have control over, which is the Plan, Build and Deploy.  Then they simply run out of time and resources to do well with SAP performance testing.

Performance testing is equally important as monitoring and tuning, but few good tools and processes exist, especially for complex applications as SAP.  In our many years and performance testing as well as benchmarking projects, good performance comes from a good plan and a good plan starts with a solid strategy, which includes:

  • Scope & Systems
  • Performance Testing Objectives
  • Technical Requirements
  • User Requirements
  • Assumptions
  • Risks & Mitigations
  • Entry/Exit Criteria to each Test Execution
  • Infrastructure & Application Access
  • Timeline
  • Resource Schedule
  • Business Processes
  • Monitoring & Reporting

Download SAP Performance Testing Strategy Sample

Of course, there must be good execution of the plan as well, which you can see an example execution video from one of our actual performance test iterations via our partner OZSOFT SWAT (SAP Workload Automation & Tuning) Service: