What does The Super Bowl 50 and SAP Performance have in common?



There's a lot of excitement going on right now in San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley about the historic 50th Anniversary Super Bowl (coined Golden Super Bowl for it's Golden State of California location) at the brand new Levi Stadium, which reportedly cost $1.2 billion USD and will cater for about 80,000 fans this coming Sunday February 7th, 2016.  Who will have the higher performance, the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos?

Even if you're not from the US or you don't follow American Football, you'll probably going to see it in the news, tune in for the big budget commercials, and you might even tune in for the famous Half-time show extravaganza! The Super Bowl 50 is going to be an epic celebration of the American Football sport and its fans, and will showcase many Silicon Valley mega tech firms including SAP, Google, Apple, Uber and Lyft.  All will depend on near real-time data, statistics and the performance of their respective technologies and that is what Super Bowl 50 have in common with all the tech firms, high performance, at the heart of which SAP is very much a centerpiece:

  • Google will donate its fleet of employee shuttle to help fans get around on game day, Google recently partnered with SAP and Uber to expedite deliveries for many businesses.  
  • SAP created the mobile app which will coordinate thousands of volunteers for the event.  
  • Apple is providing Super Bowl 50 host committee with its products and equipment.  Countless Apple devices will be streaming the event live, not to mention selling of songs for Half-time show entertainers such as Coldplay and Beyoncé.  Did you know that Apple processes every iTunes song purchase through their SAP system?  It's performance must be mind-boggling.  In fact, a nostalgic flashback to 1984 saw Apple launching its iconic Macintosh computer at a Superbowl commercial at 1984 Super Bowl, what will 2016 bring?
  • Uber and Lyft will provide special ride-sharing services for many fans all over the SF Bay Area

Most of us recognizes the importance of SAP performance in the daily business operations of thousands of companies.  The data-driven economy demands useful derivatives from big data for decision making and automation, it's what we call "Performance Intelligence".  For example:

  • In today's Silicon Valley, San Francisco firms like Uber depends on real time data such as GPS, maps, traffic, ratings and statistics to 'drive' performance of its ride sharing business.  
  • Athletes and coaches use past performance statistics as well as current real-time data to predict performance and manage decisions accordingly.  The success of team sports no longer depends just on the teams, but the performance statistics used to drive efficient decisions.  
  • Fans expect to watch the game online or on TV filled with on-screen statistics about the players, the probabilities, etc.  It makes their viewing experience much richer.
  • Gamblers in Vegas will surely bet on the odds and statistics of past performances of teams and players.   Yes there's an app for that!

A lot of work and investment has gone into the 4 P's Planning, Practicing, Performing and on game day they have to be Perfected for a high performance Super Bowl 50 experience.  So, what will you be doing during Super Bowl 50?


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