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IT-Conductor Testimonials
For several years now, IT-Conductor has been a proven solution for system monitoring, reporting, and automation of SAP IT operations at IDEXX.  The team and platform have been a valuable part of our SAP journey to the cloud.
- Prabhat Sharma, Associate Director in IDEXX Laboratories

Key Features

IT-Conductor Service Grid
Service Grid facilitates the seamless association of information on a single pane of glass. This unified view provides a comprehensive snapshot of all your resources and their relationships in delivering a service, allowing you to observe your entire ecosystem at a glance.
IT-Conductor Health Explorer
Health Explorer provides more detailed analysis of metrics and time-synchronized data.
IT-Conductor Process Composer
Process Composer is an integral component within IT-Conductor that enables the automation capabilities of the platform. It provides the interface to design and develop automation workflows by leveraging a drag-and-drop functionality where users can define the sequence of actions, dependencies, and conditional logic, all within a visually intuitive environment.
IT-Conductor Process Definition
Process Definition is a template used for orchestrating various activities. It acts as a workflow automation framework that can be manually triggered to run or scheduled to automatically execute at a desired date and time.
IT-Conductor Dashboard
Dashboard is a customizable visual display that showcases metric data essential for monitoring system health. Its primary purpose is to provide real-time insights into system performance, enabling proactive identification of issues that require attention.
IT-Conductor Reports
Reports are structured data representations of availability and performance metrics that give insights into system health.

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Agentless Monitoring

Efficiently monitor system resources and manage alerts with less noise. Keep your systems running smoothly with our agentless monitoring platform. Get alerted when resources reach a specific threshold, or when an alert is triggered.

Real-time Observability

Manage, monitor, and orchestrate your system landscape in the cloud with real-time logging, reporting features, and intelligent automation. Make your systems observable so you can understand what's happening, debug quickly, and optimize performance.

Infrastructure as Code

Provision, update, and install application stacks using frameworks such as Terraform and Ansible. Get your infrastructure up and running quickly with our pre-defined templates and scripts available for customization.

IT-Conductor continued to work seamlessly with Coats during the COVID-19 pandemic to support its mission of delivering critical textile needed for personal protection equipment manufacturing such as face masks and hospital wear, especially when remote management was the mode of operation from a global hybrid workforce.
- Helge Brummer, VP of Technology & Operations in Coats

Minimize Noise > Maximize Performance

Transform your operations with intelligent workflows, proactive monitoring, and robust scalability. By minimizing noise and maximizing performance, your team can focus on strategic initiatives.

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We are an AWS Partner recognized for our expertise in delivering cloud-based solutions.

As part of Under Armour’s SAP migration to AWS, automation was identified as a top priority to ensure we leverage best practices in standardized deployment and use industry-leading tools to automate SAP IT Operation processes. IT-Conductor fits nicely into the solution mix as an AWS SaaS Marketplace platform and a deep automation specialist.
- Eric Peterson, Under Armour Director (Enterprise Applications - SAP Technology IT)

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