Application Performance Management as a Service

IT-Conductor Service GridService Management

No need to deal with convoluted, nuts & bolts, highly technical charts and cryptic alerts.  IT-Conductor dynamically builds a Services Hierarchy that lets you see issues from 30,000 feet and quickly drill-down to find the root cause.

IT-Conductor Monitoring Tree & Time-synchronized ChartsMonitoring

Best-Practices-based Monitoring: No need for manual configurations, all monitors are created according to best practices-derived templates.  Evolving best-practices/templates can be re-applied at any time.

IT-Conductor Cross-platform Automation Graphical Workflow DesignerAutomation

Digitize your IT processes with On-demand Process Automation & full-featured Background Job Scheduling: Forget scripts – assemble a process flow interactively spanning across applications, platforms and databases.

Smart SAP Monitoring, SAP HANA, APM, Service Level Management & IT Process Automation

A cost-effective, flexible and powerful cloud-based solution which enables IT organizations to Stop Guessing & Start Managing enterprise applications & services.

  • M O N I T O R
    M A N A G E
    A U T O M A T E
    O P T I M I Z E

Let IT-Conductor Automate so your Operations can Accelerate!


Managed SAP Ecosystems

[fa icon='cloud'] Entire SAP Ecosystem & Beyond

In-depth coverage of SAP and infrastructure components.  All the SAP monitoring intelligence and common templates you need are already built-in:

  • SAP Netweaver, ABAP & Java, BusinessObjects
  • SAP Supported databases: Oracle, MS SQL*Server, DB2, HANA, Sybase ASE
  • SAP Batch Processing, Cross-platform Job and Script execution via RFC/JDBC/SSH/Telnet/WinRS
  • Flexible Adapter framework for endless API integration with other platform such as AWS and Azure

[fa icon='signal'] Integrated Dashboards & Reporting

  • Role-based Dashboards.
  • Highly flexible SAP Service Level Reporting, manually or on schedule
  • Slice and Dice Performance Data Interactive Lists and Charts with drill-downs
  • Time-synchronized data for correlation, root-cause analysis and analytics
Integrated Reporting
Performance Testing

[fa icon='users'] Integrated LoadTesting

Tightly integrated with sophisticated LoadTesting solution for Web and SAPGUI:

  • Fully Integrated into Monitoring & Automation framework
  • Manual, Triggered or Scheduled Test Execution
  • Execution Metric Monitoring & Reporting

Video Overview

10 Ways to Smart Application Performance Management

  • 10 Ways to Smart Application Performance Management
  • 360-degree View of Application Environment
  • Availability and Performance Monitoring
  • Root-cause Analysis
  • Time-synchronized Troubleshooting Context
  • Service Impact Awareness
  • Automated Admin Scripts and Jobs
  • Self-healing Automated Recovery
  • Digitized Complex IT Processes
  • Synthetic Transaction Management
  • Dynamic Service Level Management




  • $135/mth 1yr, $120/mth 2yr, $100/mth 3yr
  • HANA, ASE, Oracle
  • Includes supporting OS host/s
  • Notifications
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Automated Recoveries

SAP Bundle


  • $275/mth 1yr, $250/mth 2yr, $225/mth 3 yr 
  • Includes SAP Netweaver, BOBJ and Cloud apps
  • Includes supporting Database and OS
  • Notifications
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Automated Recoveries
  • SIDRefresh PCA tool included
  • Trusted Advisor Remote Support