Application Performance Management as a Service

IT-Conductor Service GridService Management

No need to deal with convoluted, nuts & bolts, highly technical charts and cryptic alerts.  IT-Conductor dynamically builds a Services Hierarchy that lets you see issues from 30,000 feet and quickly drill-down to find the root cause.

IT-Conductor Monitoring Tree & Time-synchronized ChartsMonitoring

Best-Practices-based Monitoring: No need for manual configurations, all monitors are created according to best practices-derived templates.  Evolving best-practices/templates can be re-applied at any time.

IT-Conductor Cross-platform Automation Graphical Workflow DesignerAutomation

Digitize your IT processes with On-demand Process Automation & full-featured Background Job Scheduling: Forget scripts – assemble a process flow interactively spanning across applications, platforms and databases.

Smart SAP® Monitoring, SAP HANA®, APM, Service Level Management & IT Process Automation

A cost-effective, flexible and powerful cloud-based solution which enables IT organizations to Stop Guessing & Start Managing enterprise applications & services.

  • M O N I T O R
    M A N A G E
    A U T O M A T E
    O P T I M I Z E

Let IT-Conductor Automate so your Operations can Accelerate!


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[fa icon='cloud'] Entire Ecosystem & Beyond

In-depth coverage of SAP®and infrastructure components.  All the SAP monitoring intelligence and common templates you need are already built-in:

  • SAP NetWeaver®, ABAP® & Java, BusinessObjects™
  • SAP®supported databases: Oracle, MS SQL*Server, DB2, SAP HANA®, Sybase ASE
  • Batch Processing, Cross-platform Job and Script execution via RFC/JDBC/SSH/Telnet/WinRS
  • Flexible Adapter framework for endless API integration with other platform such as AWS and Azure
SAP, SAP NetWeaver,  ABAP, SAP HANA, BusinessObjects, Sybase, ASE are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE

[fa icon='signal'] Integrated Dashboards & Reporting

  • Role-based Dashboards.
  • Highly flexible SAP Service Level Reporting, manually or on schedule
  • Slice and Dice Performance Data Interactive Lists and Charts with drill-downs
  • Time-synchronized data for correlation, root-cause analysis and analytics
Integrated Reporting
Performance Testing

[fa icon='users'] Integrated LoadTesting

Tightly integrated with sophisticated LoadTesting solution for Web and SAPGUI:

  • Fully Integrated into Monitoring & Automation framework
  • Manual, Triggered or Scheduled Test Execution
  • Execution Metric Monitoring & Reporting

Video Overview

10 Ways to Smart Application Performance Management

  • 10 Ways to Smart Application Performance Management
  • 360-degree View of Application Environment
  • Availability and Performance Monitoring
  • Root-cause Analysis
  • Time-synchronized Troubleshooting Context
  • Service Impact Awareness
  • Automated Admin Scripts and Jobs
  • Self-healing Automated Recovery
  • Digitized Complex IT Processes
  • Synthetic Transaction Management
  • Dynamic Service Level Management




  • $135/mth 1yr, $120/mth 2yr, $100/mth 3yr
  • HANA, ASE, Oracle
  • Includes supporting OS host/s
  • Notifications
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Automated Recoveries



  • $275/mth 1yr, $250/mth 2yr, $225/mth 3 yr 
  • Includes SAP Netweaver, BOBJ and Cloud apps
  • Includes supporting Database and OS
  • Notifications
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Automated Recoveries
  • SIDRefresh PCA tool included
  • Trusted Advisor Remote Support