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SAP Solution Manager vs IT-Conductor for SAP Monitoring

SAP Teched 2017 Las Vegas covered many sessions on SAP Solution Manager 7.2 (Solman 7.2). When it comes to technical SAP monitoring and basis operations, we have gotten just as many questions about how different is Solman 7.2 in comparison to Solman 7.1 as well as IT-Conductor.  We have published many guides for deploying Solman technical monitoring and comparing it to other tools available, so we recommend you check out some of the following posts and make your informed decisions about whether to upgrade, reimplement and/or use Solman 7.2 for ...

Sep 26 | Linh Nguyen

SAP HANA 2 SPS02 Upgrade and Dynamic Tiering Implementation

When we upgraded previously to SAP HANA 2, there were still quirks in how Dynamic Tiering work, so it's time to upgrade yet again, this time to SPS02 ...

Sep 13 | Terry Kempis

Will HANA Dominate in SAP Performance over Oracle?

attles have been fought over SAP Performance for years and with HANA as the relatively new kid on the old SAP block, there's bound to be comparisons, ...

Sep 7 | Linh Nguyen