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IT-Conductor Latest Automation Features Q4-2019

Posted by Femi Charles on Dec 31, 2019 8:57:28 AM

IT-Conductor SAP Password Reset Automation

Welcome to the Q4-2019 edition of IT-Conductor latest features where we unveil some of the new features leveraged by our growing customers to ease the management of suites of business-critical applications as well as gaining valuable insight into the performance of their systems.

This last quarter has witnessed the introduction of simplified automation and advanced monitoring functionalities.

We hope that you explore these functionalities and experience the value it offers to businesses.

  1. HANA System Overview in IT-Conductor
  2. PSE Certificate Monitoring
  3. IT-Conductor Configuration Audit Trail
  4. BOBJ Job Monitoring
  5. Automation of SAP Password Reset
  6. Windows Monitoring

Before delving into the features for this quarter, first, let’s begin by reviewing some of the cutting-edge functionalities that were introduced during the course of the year.

In retrospect:


1) HANA System Overview in IT-Conductor

  • System Overview

  • System Replication Overview

Some of the crucial HANA Admin features have been integrated into IT-Conductor, giving you access to an array of information about your database without having to log on to HANA Studio or the HANA Cockpit.

The information provided here covers operational status, alerts, performance, configuration, and health of HANA system, replication status, memory/disk/CPU sizes & utilization and other general information. This level of flexibility enables you to determine the state of multiple databases in your landscape with just a click of a button.  These features are easily enabled via IT-Conductor's built-in SQL Report capabilities and thus can be customized for any information need.

IT-Conductor HANA System and HSR Overview

2) PSE Certificate Monitoring

Your approach to certificate monitoring doesn’t have to be reactive. A more proactive measure will be to monitor your PSE Certificates using IT-Conductor which notifies you of the number of days left till the expiration of the certificate and continues to notify you of its renewal as it counts down to the last day.

IT-Conductor PSE Certificate Monitoring

3) IT-Conductor Configuration Audit Trail

IT-Conductor provides a security mechanism in the form of Audit Trail that captures critical events in ITC tenants (i.e. customer tenant system) as well as the person responsible and the time of occurrence. This feature ensures compliance with company policy and helps to detect unauthorized activities. The activities logged include modification of threshold values, enabling/disabling of Maintenance Mode, etc.

IT-Conductor Configuration Audit Trail

4) BOBJ Job Monitoring

We provide in-depth monitoring of BOBJ by detecting Job failures and disruption of general Service availability.

IT-Conductor BOBJ Job Monitoring Overview

IT-Conductor BOBJ Job Monitoring Detail

5) Automation of SAP Password Reset

User lockout due to incorrect logon and subsequent password reset process can be time and resource consuming for customers and their helpdesk / security team.  IT-Conductor can extend automation to this service desk function to allow self-service of password reset based on customer security policy.

This is triggered as an auto-recovery action by a CCMS alert (User Locked due to incorrect logins) which dynamically generates a unique password for the user, Unlocks the User, gets the user's e-mail and full name and sends an e-mail to the user with the new temporary password.
Various scenarios are supported like creating a filter to identify users for which this should apply, setting up multiple monitors based on groups of UserID, the definition of separate thresholds for various user requirements. This includes the ability to identify a particular lock type that differentiates between when a user was locked by the System Admin, incorrect password entry and validity period.

Depending on customer requirements, the reset password can be sent to a designated Distribution List or a specified group as the case may be.  See example of customizable process orchestration below

IT-Conductor SAP Password Auto Reset Notify User
IT-Conductor SAP Password Auto Reset Notify User Admin

6) Windows Monitoring

Windows servers are part of most customer environment, whether as core infrastructure for SAP such as Netweaver applications and BOBJ/Data Services, or utility servers such as DNS, File server, Webservers, etc.  IT-Conductor can now agentlessly monitor Windows servers using our patent-pending platform so they become part of any end-to-end management scenario.

IT-Conductor Windows Monitoring


Contact us if you would like to enable these new features in your account, or if you would like to try IT-Conductor

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