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Monitoring HANA HA/DR with System Replication using IT-Conductor

Posted by Terry Kempis on Mar 28, 2018 2:03:25 PM

IT-Conductor HANA Monitoring HA/DR


As more sites are using system replication (SR) with feature ‘active:active read_enabled’, it it is of great benefit to perform SAP HANA monitoring not only the primary site – but also the secondary site.

This presentation covers IT-Conductor cloud-based monitoring support for HA/DR/SR feature – monitoring HANA both sites of HA/DR landscapes, and the system replication activity/status in more detail.

In prior posts, we have covered several topics on HANA HA/DR, System Replication and Dynamic Tiering, please visit these for additional background:

HANA Landscape

IT-Conductor HANA Monitoring HA/DR Landscape

Definition of Primary system within IT-Conductor

SITE1 – each tenant and servers are monitored

IT-Conductor HANA Monitoring HA/DR Definition Site1

Definition of Secondary system within IT-Conductor

SITE2 - HANA Tenants

IT-Conductor HANA Monitoring HA/DR Definition Site2

SITE2 - Linux Hosts

IT-Conductor HANA Monitoring HA/DR Definition Site2 Linux Hosts

SITE2 - Monitor Thresholds

IT-Conductor HANA Monitoring HA/DR Definition Site2 Monitor Thresholds

HANA System Replication Monitoring


IT-Conductor HANA Monitoring HA/DR Overview

Drill down on the Replication button will show more detail/ status

IT-Conductor HANA Monitoring HA/DR Grid Replication Drilldown

SR Takeover or Failover

After a takeover

  • SITE2 will continue to be monitored as normal, automatically picking the replication status/details.

IT-Conductor HANA Monitoring HA/DR Grid SR Takeover

  • After the previous SITE is up and registered again as secondary in HANA, ITC will automatically reflect the new ST status, and monitor SITE1

SR Alerts/Email

  • In this scenario, SITE2 is primary, HOT DB was stopped in SITE1 to create SR error status.

IT-Conductor HANA Monitoring HA/DR Grid SR Alert

  • As soon as the error situation is resolved, the Replication will automatically turn to green (normal)

IT-Conductor HANA Monitoring HA/DR Grid SR Alert Resolved

Monitoring for Dynamic Tiering with SR

  • Like the other services, ITC also monitor the esserver service of Dynamic Tiering, including the replication status.

Primary site – SITE1

IT-Conductor HANA Monitoring HA/DR Grid SR Dynamic Tiering Site1

Secondary site – SITE2

  • If the ‘active:active read_enabled’ is used for the secondary site, ITC also monitors the DT services

IT-Conductor HANA Monitoring HA/DR Grid SR Dynamic Tiering Site2

Summary – HA/DR and SR monitoring

IT-Conductor can monitor both the primary and secondary sides of an HA/DR landscape.

  • Tenant DBs and servers of primary system are monitored
  • Tenant DBs of secondary system are monitored (including Dynamic Tiering) – if configured as ‘active:active read_enabled’
  • Servers of secondary systems are monitored, regardless of the operation mode
  • After a takeover, IT-Conductor automatically discovers the SR status of the ‘new’ primary, and also the ’previous’ primary after it has been registered as secondary

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Terry Kempis

Written by Terry Kempis

Terry is a Senior SAP Basis Engineer with 15 years expertise working with very large SAP infrastructure (more than 230 SAP SIDs). He specializes in areas of performance, upgrades, unicode conversion, installation, DB2, BW, TREX and HANA migrations.

Topics: SAP HANA Monitoring, SAP HANA, HANA Monitoring, SAP HANA System Replication, Dynamic Tiering

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