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SAP OS DB Migration of BW to HANA Part 2 - SUM DMO Tool for Migration

Posted by Terry Kempis on Aug 31, 2016 5:07:33 PM

SAP BW Upgrade & Migration to HANA


We have taken careful steps to plan, prepare, perform and publish the process of upgrading and migrating BW to SAP HANA so that you will gain further understanding of the effort and major considerations.  This week we continue with Part 2.  These slides will be compiled into an eBook after we publish the final part 3, and be available for download then.
  • Previously in Part 1: Preparation in the BW System we documented the collection of references and Preparation steps to make ready the BW system for both upgrade (e.g. Support Pack update) and migration.  
  • In this Part 2 will cover Upgrade and Migration using SUM DMO Tool: the SAP OS DB migration tools have improved and we'll be using the appropriate version of SAP SUM (Software Update Manager) with DMO (Database Migration Option) to perform both the upgrade and migration in one downtime.
  • Part 3 will wrap up with the Post-processing on the migrated system

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Terry Kempis

Written by Terry Kempis

Terry is a Senior SAP Basis Engineer with 15 years expertise working with very large SAP infrastructure (more than 230 SAP SIDs). He specializes in areas of performance, upgrades, unicode conversion, installation, DB2, BW, TREX and HANA migrations.

Topics: SAP HANA, BW Migration to HANA, SAP OS DB Migration

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