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SAP OS DB Migration of BW to HANA Part 3 - Post-processing

Posted by Linh Nguyen on Sep 7, 2016 5:54:04 PM

2016-09-07 SAP BW/4HANA Launch San Francisco

 BW Migration to HANA

Today, I was at the SAP BW/4HANA official launch in gorgeous San Francisco when SAP announced the immediate release to customers as of September 7, 2016.  SAP calls it 'The Next-Generation Data Warehouse', coinciding with with the event's co-sponsor AWS who just achieved the latest SAP HANA certification for the X1 instance being able to scale out HANA to 14 TB systems.  Early customers' live testimonials included Fairfax Media from Australia, and ConAgra Foods,  Colgate was on stage also, who has been a long time SAP and BW customer (since I installed the BW 1.0 back then for them - Yes folks, I was there!) currently still on BW on HANA.  The live demo was indeed gorgeous, but the questions still remain "How do we get there?". 

Well, if you've been reading our blogs, you would have realized that we've already documented the process of getting BW on anyDB to BW on HANA.  Of course, each customer's journey will be somewhat different just as everyone who wishes to visit gorgeous San Francisco may take different paths depending on where they are coming from, the time they have, the resources and means available to them.  As per SAP BW/4HANA product page, the Transition journey options include the following, of which we're dealing mainly with System Conversion that is largely based on SUM DMO we've described.

New Implementation

The SAP BW/4HANA implementation for customers new to SAP's integrated data warehousing technologies will benefit from intuitive modelling and eclipse interface.
  • Bring data from your old system to SAP BW/4HANA with our integrated data management and quality tools
  • If you have an SAP landscape over five years old, it’s time to consider a fresh start
  • Leverage a modern data warehouse, without modifications or work-arounds of the past  

System Conversion

BW/4HANA Less Object Types after Conversion
BW/4HANA Less Object Types (Courtesy: SAP SE)
The effort for the system conversion is largely proportional to the duration since the last major system update, the number of classical data models, and the amount of actively used custom coding.
  • Complete conversion of an existing SAP Business Warehouse system to SAP BW/4HANA
  • If your current SAP landscape has been highly maintained (SAP BW, powered by SAP HANA), you can convert to SAP BW/4HANA  

Landscape Transformation

Simplify your system landscape to carve out selected processes/functions, moving gradually to SAP BW/4HANA innovations. Improve merger and acquisition activities by consolidating rapidly, delivering predictive capabilities.
  • Ideal for large enterprises with many instances of SAP and non-SAP BW systems
  • Consolidation into one global SAP BW/4HANA system or selective data migrations

Here are the 3 parts:

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Linh Nguyen

Written by Linh Nguyen

Linh was born in democratic Vietnam, escaped from the communist after the war as a boat-people refugee to Malaysia, subsequently immigrated to Australia where he attended high-school and completed dual-degrees in Computer Science & Computer Engineering in just 5 years. He started SAP career in Melbourne, then came to the US in the mid-1990s as a SAP technical consultant. He built a software and consulting company in Silicon Valley in 1996 named OZSoft and has been an entrepreneur with a passion to automate IT processes. In 2014, he started IT-Conductor, Inc. as CEO and co-founder along with David Stavisski, with the goal to help IT organizations to Stop Guessing and Start Managing by automating IT operations using a cloud-based platform IT-Conductor.

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