Wanna Monitor HANA?


More than a year after we initially published our HANA Monitoring Blog, it looks like many more customers have started their HANA journey and completed their first deployment.  We see a lot of interest in our dozens of HANA-related publications, some of the most popular include:

As part of the Mastering SAP Monitoring webinar series, it's time to take a fresh look at how to monitor HANA both from SAP perspectives as well as solutions offered by the OZSOFT HANA Management Pack for SCOM, and our SaaS platform IT-Conductor, which simplifies many aspects of Monitoring, Management, and Automation by leveraging zero-CCMS and zero-Solution Manager configuration.  This guide will get you started with many resources and ideas on how to choose the right HANA monitoring tool for your particular needs.

We welcome your input on how you approach your HANA monitoring to address the many challenges of managing HANA.



Visit our Events page and sign up for more interactive sessions discussing in-depth monitoring topics, seats are limited to 50 for each session to allow sufficient Q&A.